Zac X
Alias(es) None
Appears in All Episodes
Age 13
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Species Human
Birth 1/1/2000
Friends Chuck Lenny

Sarah Lenny

Enemies Mas Ker

Dave Lenny

Master Antonio

Love interests Sarah Lenny
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Black
Religion Christianity

Zac X is the main protagonist for Card Brawls.


Fire Dragaon - Resembles a dragon

  • Dragaon Fight - Allows the opponent to make a move, but Dragaon can make a move double the power.
  • Fire Ball - Dragaon shoots a fireball.
  • Flying Dragaon - Dragaon is able to dodge six moves.
  • Line Of Fire - Dragaon is able to create an array of fire.
  • Dragaon - Dragaon doubles his power for three moves.

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