You Murderer is the 15th episode of the 2nd season of Defect and the last one.


Defect wakes up to see a yellow man in the distance. Defect rubs his eyes and the man disappears. Defect alerts Janice, telling her all about the encounter with the man. Janice laughs and says if anything was here, she would know about it. Defect looks around for the yellow man, but finds nothing except a bucket of yellow paint. The man appears behind Defect and knocks him into the paint bucket, disappearing. Defect gets out of the bucket after getting a quick glimpse of him. Defect goes into the shower room and rinses off, thanking Billy he's waterproof.

Defect encounters the man multiple times before his tiredness strikes. Defect goes to sleep, not wanting to be bothered by the man anymore. Defect finds it hard to sleep, but eventually goes to sleep. He awakens to a horrible sight, assumed to be the dead scientists, but the camera does not show this. Nova tackles Defect, and the episode ends abruptly.

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