3D Irk
Appearance(s): The Bagel Show
Population: 4,908,371,172 (Total)
2,403 (Invading Other Planets)

Xial was the homeworld of the Xeein race, and capital planet of the Xeein Empire. It was a reddish planet with an Xeein symbols on it in the Fanonverse. Planet Xial has an international spaceship parking lot. It's government was run by leaders called Shortest, two leaders in the planetary system.

Xial became uninhabitable after The Bagel Movie, when Order ambushed Xial during International Snack Day, killing 99.7% of the population and capturing the rest as slaves. Xial was leveled to the ground and it's gravity atmosphere collapsed, causing Xial to become a moving planet. Xeeins started to migrate more and more out in other areas of the universe after the attack.



Xial was formed when gravity pushed into a comet, sucking in other large comets to form Xial. Xial was believed to once also have a moon, but it's gravity unlocked and hurled into the nearby sun.

Although it is relatively unknown how Xeeins first came to be, one of the biggest theories is that early aliens had originally tried to set up on the planet but left for some reason, leaving most of there technology behind. The technology started to develop a brain of its own, becoming Super Robots and making early Xeeins.

Shortests Snide and Spark were the last reigning Shortest before the destruction of Planet Xial by Order that unfortunately killed them before they could escape the planet.

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