Xescti Animation Logo

The current logo, used from January 25, 2011-present

Xescti Animation (also known simply as Xescti) is an animation studio produced for Vision and is a subsidiary of Typewriter Productions.


The Xescti animation studio was founded on June 29, 2006 by a few animators and artists at TypewriterThey gave the studio name "Xescti" simply as a creative way to spell the word "zesty". These people primarily worked on various shorts on the Vision website and small web series across different websites in the beginning, and still continue to animate for Vision shorts and TV ads/bumps.

Xescti had worked on multiple bumps that were commissioned by RaGE-Typewriter for Rising Sun, as well as for the earlier RaGE Action block. Although, since 2015, they have branched out to work on television series as well. Xescti currently animates for the show Gunblazer and will animate in the upcoming Vision series, Graveyard Slot, this fall. They will also be animating their first film next year, Gunblazer: Homecoming, which is based on their popular series, Gunblazer.