Willy The Weasel: The Movie was a movie released by Paramount under the Nickelodeon Movies label in 2008.


Willy must steal chickens and shave them for his mom, who has a poor health, he eventually gets caught by the farmer, he eventually escapes and finishes his duty.


The film was critically panned, because of the odd plot and Willy's character, many critics hated Willy, that the studio actually killed Willy in his last short, Vermin Trouble.

According to Cowbell Studios, many workers hated Willy also, and it was only because of Willy's successful shorts prior, that a movie was made.

Behind the Scenes

According to Dan Hilme one of the writers, the writers were actually drunk during production of the film, the staff immediately fired all of the writers of the film except for two, Dan Hilme and Larry Forskib who claimed to not have any involvement while deciding the plot, and according to them both, had gunshots pointed to their heads being forced to write the film. The nine animators were also being held hostage by one of the writers, Thomas Bean, Bean was later arrested that night. The actors of the film were also being held hostage by another writer, Bert Humshid, Humshid was never caught by the police, and didn't show up at the building again the next day.


Of the thirty-seven people who worked on the film, nine commited suicide, five were arrested, four went missing, four later gone to therapy, three refuse to acknowledge the films existence, two later died from unrelated causes, and the last nine worked on Willy's last short, and all decided the ending where Willy dies and ends up in Hell.

All remaining copies of the film were destroyed and the film was never released on DVD or shown on Nickelodeon.

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