This story is a crossover between multiple Nicktoon cartoons, such as Rugrats, Fairly OddParents, Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, and Danny Phantom. 

Our story begins in Dimsdale, home of Timmy Turner. 


"The New Crimson Chin comic is already out, but the new episode of Crash Nebula is about to come on, I can't go to the comic store and still be back on time to watch it. I wish there was a way." Said Timmy.

"Did I hear wish? You got it Timmy!" Cosmo asked before turning himself into a green version of the Crimson Chin. 

"Cosmo you dope!" Wanda said. With a wave of her wand, Cosmo was back to normal.

"Why can't you just wish for the comic?" Wanda suggested. 

"I know what I can do! Cosmo, Wanda, I wish I had the new Crimson Chin comic book!" Said Timmy.

"Poof Poof!" Said Poof, who then waved his rattle. Suddenly, the new comic book appeared in Timmy's hands. 

"Awwwwwwwwwwww! Our little boy is learning how to grant wishes!" Wanda noticed.

"Thanks Poof, now on with the action!" Said Timmy. But as Timmy flipped through the pages, he noticed almost all of them were blank. The only page that did have something on it was the first page, which showed the Crimson Chin about to enter some kind of vortex. Just then Crash Nebula came on. 

"This is weird, I'll investigate after the show. If I can't read Crimson Chin, I can atleast sit back and watch Crash Nebula." Said Timmy. But after the theme song, the same thing happened. All Timmy seen was Crash Nebula entering a portal and the show was over.

"Ok Now this is getting creepy" Said Timmy. 

Meanwhile in Retroville

Jimmy had invited Carl and Sheen over to test one of his latest experiments. He was just in his lab making some last minute modifications. While Jimmy continued to work in his lab, Sheen and Carl did what they loved best. Carl went into the kitchen to play with his llama dolls, and admire Judy Neutron from a distance, while Sheen played with his blue UltraLord action figure while he waited for the UltraLord show to come on.

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