What's a Pilot?,is the pilot episode of The Patrick Show. The plot is,that while on vacation with SpongeBob,Patrick falls down a pit,and meets some new friends.


(Theme Song)

(Title Card)

SpongeBob: Isn't this nice,Patrick?

Patrick: Yeah! I love do ya say it again?

SpongeBob: Vaca.....I don't remember.

Patrick: Luxury guy,how do you say the word,again?

Luxury Guy: Look it up!

Patrick: Will Mr. Washington change your mind?

(Patrick gives the luxury guy a paper clip.)

Luxury Guy: Nope.

Patrick: Aww.

SpongeBob: Patrick! Your lucky paper clip!!

(Patrick's Paper Clip rolls into a giant penny,and he dives for it.

SpongeBob: Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait for me!!!

(The pit caves in,and SpongeBob is left all alone.)


SpongeBob: Aww,man. To dig up these rocks,i'll need 5 dollars! Mr. Krabs only gives me a penny a month.

Patrick: Ooof. Did I just crush a bug?

Mugget: No!! Just me.

Patrick: Oh. You make a nice pillow.

Mugget: Get off!

Mugget: Oh,your new. Steve,we got a newcomer.

Stevent: I prefer you to call me Mayor Stevent.

Patrick: Hi,Mr. Gapaalsjdufryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryud6ts6drf5aq3qw3!!

Cap: BZZT!!

Patrick: A jellyfish!

(Patrick gets out his jellyfishing net,aand catches Cap.)

Cap: Get off me,Groundhoggy!!

Patrick: Wut?

Cap: Ya got an idiot here,Steve.

Stevent: MAYOR STEVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Steve.

Charline: Calm down,Mr. Steve.

Stevent: I hate you all.

Charline: Hello. What's your name.

Patrick: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,forks?

Charline: Hello,Mr. Forks.

Mugget: He aint Forks,it says on his underwear,Patrick Star.

Charline: Hi,Mr. Underwear Patrick Star.

Patrick: Have you seen my paper clip?

Charline: No,but...

(Patrick jumps in Cap's Rocket Boat)

Cap: GAH! What is that idiot doin' in my ship!!

Mugget: Can I punch him when you get him out of here?

Stevent: Yep.

Charline: Wouldn't that be mean,Mr. Steve?

Stevent: I'm gonna go home.

Patrick: Okay. Clearly this button that says destoy the world torpedos really means....TACOS!!!

(Patrick presses a button and the ship went crazy.)

Cap: That idiot!! Don't ya agree.

Freddie: Hmph!!!!!!!!

Cap: That's what me said!!!!!

Charline: Grandma Momomo. The world is gonna be destroyed. And I don't have my favorite sweater!!

Patrick: Yay!!! I like these fireworks.

Cap: Those ain't fireworks!! Those are torpeedees.


Freddie: HMM!!!

Stevent: What is going on?? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick: It must be the 4th of Junely.

Mugget: JULY,ya idiot!!

Patrick: Thanks!

Charline: This doesn't look pleasant.

Stevent: PLEASANT!!!!!!!!! This is madness.

Cap: Turn it off,idiot.

Patrick: Maybe this button will do it!!

(The ship crashes into the ground.)

Charline: Thank goodness.

Mugget: That was almost bad,Steve.

Stevent: MAYOR STEVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick: Ooo!!! Look at this rock. I CALL IT!!

(Patrick cannonballs inside the rock.)

Lady Starfish: GAH!! Get out!!!!!!!!!!

(Lady Starfish kicks out Patrick.)

Patrick: Ow.

Mugget: A rock?! Those cost a fortune. Yar gonna have to work for it.

Cap: A FORTUNE!!! He's working for me!!!!!!!!!

Patrick: Derp.

(Patrick is sucking his thumb.)

Cap: Ya want that rock,ya gotta earn it. At the Rusty Patty of course. I'll give ya 2 hours of vacation and a penny paycheck. And somewhere to stay.

Patrick: Yay!!! Do I get fireworks too?

Road Runner: Meep-Meep.

Patrick: That's my ride!!

Cap: Ya start tomorrow boy-o.

Charline: I like him.

Mugget: Cap,you realize that he could be a TERRIBLE cook right?

Freddie: Hmph.

Cap: What he said.

(The Road Runner takes Patrick to a Banana house.)

Patrick: Hey,Pizza Delivery Guy. Gimme a dozen dopenuts.

Road Runner: Meep-Meep.

(The Road Runner runs away.)

Patrick: Derp.

Patrick jumps in his house.

French Narrator: Ze end.

(Patrick then sneaks out of bed,and gets in cap's ship.)

Patrick: FIREWORKS!!!

(Patrick turns on the torpedoes.)

Cap: BOY-O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Episode Ends)

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