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Welcome to Nicktropolis is a TV show on Nickelodeon. It is about Joe Wari, a kid in his first year of middle school who gets sucked up into the computer. He then has to fight evil and learn to get along with Y-Guy and Invader Rob and other fan characters. It is made by Fanon Fun! Entertainment.


Main Characters

Joe Wari: An 11 year old boy who is a straight A student, but has an alter ego on Nick Fanon. He is then sucked into the world of Nicktropolis. He has the power to manipulate the Nick Fanon world. Such as,creating a weapon,or deleting a creation.

Voiced by: Sr.Wario

Y-Guy: A 12-year-old letter creature,who is crazy. He is Mango's best friend,and Joe's guide. His only powers are Letter Attacks, and to use weapons

Voiced by: IAmBagel

Invader Rob: A unique irken, who is a fan of Invader Zim, and a friend of Joe.

Voiced by: Invader Rob

Mango: Y-Guy's best friend, who is very curious. His power is to throw himself onto people

Voiced by: Sean Marquette

MattBoo: A mentor of Joe,and a respected user.

Voiced by: MattBoo

Jelly: A 14-year-old boy who is very clever, but random at the same time. He is tall and likes to play Skyrim. He has also been sucked into the computer, down in New York.

Voiced by: JellyfishJam38

Smib: A purple monster with six legs and two heads. He has a friendly personality, and is an inhabitant of WeirdWorld.

Voiced by: JellyfishJam38

Gray: A shrimp who helps Joe,when he visits the sea.

Voiced by: Invader Rob

Nicky: A 2-year old child,who hates Dr. Boom.

Voiced by: Nicholas Tinguely

Brandon: Nicky's brother.

Voiced by: Joe Tinguely

Theweb0123: A preteen human/lakitu/pegasus hybrid who loves fighhting games. He likes shippings, too.

Voiced by: Theweb0123 (duh!)


LT Fan: A dark former user who lives on in his evil creation. He is a HUGE fan of Dora.

Wiki Contributors: The minions of LT Fan.

Dr. Boom: Arch-Enemy of Nicky,and a spoof of Dr. Doom.

Professor Carrotstein: Y-Guy's arch nemesis.

Voiced by: Dan Green

LT Shark: Gray's arch nemesis, who is LT Fan's pet shark

RACK: Professor Carrotstein's assistant, who is very idiotic

Voiced by: Jerry Trainor.

Trolls: Evil idiots who LOVE to attack Nick Fanon.


List of Welcome to Nicktropolis Episodes


The Theme Song

Credits Theme

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