Web! is a manga made by KM Comics. It chronicles the challenges Web faces in becoming a great fighter.


Set in 2012, after his near-death experience in Squad Æ, Web realizes his fighting game abilities aren't enough. He soon meets up with a real-world fighter living in the slums of Elysium who offers to teach him some of the fighting styles used in real life in exchange for Web being his MMA tag team partner.


Name Description
Web sprite sheet by shotoclonesrule-d5h06ic
Web is a fighter and an undeniably great one at that. He was once an assist character from a canceled Capcom game, where his master Gouken taught him Dragon Style Kung Fu. After being brought into the real world, he realized he could easily learn different techniques from his favorite fighting games, as well as real life fighting styles. He also has a Rainbow Blade, a sword which can effortlessly cut through anything and grant the user supersonic speed, providing he has total concentration. However, he doesn't to use this in his competitive fighting, only using it on evil people who attempt to harm Elysium.
Romen I. Mecks
When Romen's homeworld was under attack from a neighboring planet, he sent Web a message in his dreams, signaling him to save him and his people. Now Romen, out of guilt, feels he owes Web a life debt, vowing to help him in any way possible and never leave his side. He can fly freely, breathe in space, and control meteors to an extent.
Lamarr is Web's occasional training partner and friendly rival, as well as being the first known fictional black fighter who isn't a blatant parody of Mike Tyson. He was born to an average middle-class family and was very sheltered growing up. Annoyed with his mother's unreasonably high expectations, he joined a kickboxing class at his high school. He found himself enjoying the sport, and his coach, noticing his passion, convinced him to join a state-wide kickboxing tournament. It was at this tournament that he gained a reputation for his great fighting skills, eventually winning the National Youth Kickboxing Tournament. He finally realized why his mother had such high expectations for him.
Nikushimi was once a great mixed martial artist, arguably the greatist in all of Japan. But when Web went on Nippon News Network stating he was overrated, Nikushimi let his anger get the better of him and challenged Web to a mixed martial arts match. Nikushimi underestimated his opponent, quickly realizing that Web wasn't just bluffing, and ultimately losing when he soiled himself during a particularly painful Triangle Choke. Nikushimi's once-great name was tarnished, and to this day he seeks revenge.



Lamarr performing an Ippon Seoinage on Web during a match.

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