Watermelons is a signal hijack that interrupted Drawn to Life: Light Shines Again.


A picture of a rotten watermelon is seen against a red swaying background, slowly being swallowed by shadow. At the end of the episode, text saying that "your next" is shown, as a disembodied head appears next to the watermelon.


Many people were scared when this aired. Children and teens hoping for a new episode were sadly mistaken. Parents watching the show with them were disturbed by the hijack. One mom said "Hijacks shouldn't happen. My son had problems sleeping that night."

Reports about problems shutting off the TV or changing the channel were heard. The hijack, strangely, only affected the US, Africa, and the UK.

The hijacker said "it was only a joke", and claimed that everybody was hallucinating.


After the hijacking, Nickelodeon was unavailable for about a week, with a black backround and text saying "Due to a recent occurence, Nickelodeon is currently unavailable. Check back Soon!" TBA

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