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This is the 7th episode of Nicky.


Nicky and Brandon has to save the annoying Eddie Watchout from an evil criminal.


Shows Brandon's bus.

Eli: Ugh. That new kid Eddie Watchout is a tattle tale,and SUPER annoying.

Brandon: Huh,he seemed ni...

Eddie Watchout: Watch out! Your friend is gonna get told on for bein' a meanie!

Eli: Watch out!(Mimicingally)

Brandon: Sorry.

The Teacher: ELI!!

Eli: I should have watched out!!

Brandon gets out.

Eddie Watchout: Watch out!! Bye,and hey,WATCH OUT!!!

Brandon: Phew. Nicky would hate that ki...

Nicky: BUBBY!!

Nicky tackles Brandon:

Brandon: Owie.

Mrs. Tinguely: Hello,honey!

Brandon: Hi mom.

Mrs. Tinguely: You 2 should bond,and watch some TV!

Nicky: Darney! Fowoed by Team Boomiboomi!

Brandon: Already on Discovery!

Mrs. Tinguely: Actually,why don't you watch Channel 8 News! I heard something about "Super Nicky and Super Brandon defeat Dr. Boom"

Nicky: Yay!

Brandon: Cool.

Brandon puts it on Channel 8 News.

Reporter: Breaking News! Criminal Mugshot,has captured "Eddie Eugene Watchout" the child who "tattled" on him for robbing the Diamond Store.

Eddie Watchout: Watch Out!! Watch out for Mugsho......

Nicky turns off the TV.

Nicky: He annoying.

Brandon: Uh-Oh! I have a bad feeling that we are gonna get tangled up in this mess.

FBI Agent: I'm gonna need Nicky and Brandon.

Nicky: Uh

Brandon: Oh.

FBI Agent: Hello,children. We would like to request your assistance for the whole...Mugshot issue.

Nicky: But me want lollipop!! LOLLIPOP!!!!!!!!

Brandon: How can we help?

FBI Agent: You took down Dr. Boom! Pretty please.

Nicky: Finey.

FBI Agent: Bring the copter in!

A giant hellicopter breaks through the roof.

Nicky: Awwwwwww. Me just fixed dat.

Pilot: Go,go,go!

Our 2 heroes get on the helicopter and go to Mugshot's Alley.

Mugshot: Pft. FBY Agents! I'll CRUSH em'

Eddie Watchout: Watch out!! That may fatally injure them!

Mugshot: Shut up!!

Nicky: Wat out,Evildower!

Mugshot: A baby! This is the best they could d..

Nicky: Ty-Kwan-Dee!!

Nicky punches Mugshot in the face.

Mugshot: Grr!

Mugshot throws a crowbar at Nicky's pinky.

Nicky: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brandon: B-Man to the rescue!

Brandon swings down on a rope,andis knocked down by Mugshot.

Mugshot: Too easy! NEXT!!

Nicky sneaks up behind him,and takes his crowbar. He then whacks Mugshot on the head.

Nicky: Wat out!!

Eddie Watchout: You saved....... WATCH OUT!!!

The FBI helicopter crashes into Mugshot's Alley.

Brandon: Phew. I saved him!

Nicky: What! Me saved him!

FBI Agent: You both did. Congrats!

Eddie Watchout: Watch out!! The episodes almost over.

Everybody: WATCH OUT!!! YOU DESTROYED THE 4TH WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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