Warp Into Wiki, also known as Warp Into Wikia, shortened as WIW, is a fanfic made by TheChromePerson.


Part 1: Purple Jewel

Once upon a time, two Wiki Explorers edited the main page of Community Central. There was something odd, though. There was light shining from the bottom of the page. The explorers hiked down to the light source, and found out it was a secret folder hidden in the code of Community Central. The folder was opened by nothing, as a PNG image of a purple jewel was MOVING, even though it was a PNG file. Later, Wiki Scientists came to take care of the jewel, which was cut out from it's picture and zoomed into reality. The jewel became like corrosive acid when struck with a spear, and purple liquid leaked. The purple color dimmed from the jewel, until it was completely dark. The purple liquid then become darker until it was a cloud of dark smoke, which infected the lab, covering everything in the dark smoke.

Chrome and Bagel then came and stopped the smoke cloud. Everything had lost it's color, and was replaced with a greyish color.


Then Rob had awoke in the hospital, back from what appeared to be a coma. Bagel was there, who then was surprised Rob survived.

Rob was confused, as everything turned purple and warped in and out. A silhouette appears, typing on a computer, as other silhouettes walk by the figure. Lightning strikes, as a brief demo of the silhouettes are seen. (the five silhouettes are shown as, from left to right, LT Fan, Professor Carrotstien, Wilfre, Turbo and Dr. Evil). Next, more figures show. (Ishkanawn, LT Box, King Jerk, Lord Zorgu and Dr. Boom)

Next, a final figure stood in front of the group. The tall figure laughs as a picture of Rob and John as babies in a hospital together is shown.

Rob then awakes to see Wilfre and Turbo glancing at him in his house. Turbo then laughs as he explains the big "villain team up" plan. Rob says you and the other villains already did that "like, a million times."

Wilfre then reveals the tall figure to be a dark figure simply named "Bad".

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