Voodoo Madness is the first episode of the Randomness Show.







Gakupo (Cameo only)

Miku (Cameo only)

Rin (Cameo only)

Yuki (Cameo only)


The episode starts with the narrator saying, "We join our heroines doing what they usually do..." Teto is then shown tied to a chair with an apple on her head. Kasari is aiming a bow and arrow and telling her to hold still, and Tei is acting as a referee. Kasari then shoots the arrow, but misses and hits Teto in the face, killing her. The narrator groans, and says, "...killing Teto. AGAIN." Kasari and Tei jump up and down, happy that they have succeeded in being murderers. Meanwhile, Luka is carrying a box labeled "CAREFUL!" down the stairs. She brings the box outside to Kasari and Tei, and tells them that she has something for them. Kasari excitedly asks if it is candy, to which Luka replies no. She then tells them that she found some old dolls for them to play with. The girls excitedly open the box, and realize that the dolls look familiar. Suddenly, Kasari notices that two of the dolls resemble her and Tei. She freaks out and tells Tei, who for some reason starts thinking about her and Kasari singing "Magnet". They then jump up into the air and exclaim, "VOODOO DOLLS!" As they are abusing Miku and Rin's voodoo dolls, Kasari notices a Gakupo voodoo doll. She then proceeds to make out with Gakupo through the doll. The scene switches to Gakupo, who is wondering why he felt like someone was kissing him and why he now tastes candy and other unhealthy junk. Soon, he sees Miku and Rin, both lying dead on the ground, and screams. Haku hears the scream, runs into Kasari and Tei's room, and takes away the voodoo dolls. Tei and Kasari are sad, and appear in particularly tiny chibi forms (although most younger characters are chibis), and Yuki asks "Why are you so tiny?" The girls look out their window, and see Teto lying in a pool of blood. The scene from the beginning of the episode is repeated, up until right after Kasari shoots. It crossfades to Haku, who takes a doll out of the box. The doll is revealed to be Gakupo, and Haku does exactly what Kasari did with the doll.

Ending card

The "end" card shows Haku making out with the voodoo doll, Tei walking away from Miku's corpse, and Gakupo, wondering why he tastes beer.


  • This is episode is the first episode of the series.
  • The voodoo dolls shown in this episode are Kaito, Meiko, Miku, Rin, Yuki, Gakupo, Gumi, Tei, and Kasari.
  • This is the first time that Teto has died.

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