Very Fantastic Teens is a upcoming Nickelodeon animated tv series. First aired: May 7, 2013.

List of Characters

  • Victor Skinner is the main protagonist. He is the youngest of the 5 teens and slim and has brown eyes, fair skin, whitish blonde hair and wears blue jeans, red converse and green sweater. He was voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • Kelly Skinner is a female skinny teenage girl. She has blue eyes, fair skin, pink lips, long whitish-blonde hair and wears green hairband, pink coat, pink shoes, white shirt underneath and black jeans. She was voiced by Julie Andrews.
  • Christine Skinner is a skinny intelligent teenage girl. She has a fair skin, pink lips, greenish-blue eyes, slightly long black hair and wears black hoodie, blue jeans, black converse and sunglasses. She has purple fingernails. She resembles a Barris Offee from Star Wars. She was voiced by Sarah Silverman.
  • Tyler Skinner is the oldest of the 5 teens. He is slim and has blue eyes, brown hair and wears brown vest, green track pants, white shirt and white shoes. He resembles a Frodo from Lord of the Rings. He was voiced by Michael Bell.
  • Ben Skinner is the middle of the 5 teens. He is cool and very slender and has short black hair, brown eyes and wears sunglasses, red sweater, blue jeans and green converse. He was voiced by Ben Stiller.
  • The Great Daniel is the main antagonist. He is a evil magician with black hair, mustache (similar to the Jafar's), green eyes and wears top hat, long cape, black tuxedo, spats and black bowtie. He carries a walking stick (cane). He was voiced by Michael Bell.
  • Adam Kracken is a minor antagonist. He is rather dim witted teenager has purple eyes, messy brown hair, large teeth and wears large purple top hat, green bowtie, gangster's suit and spats. He resembles a Mad Hatter from Batman. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Edith Kracken is Adam's mother was voiced by Julie Andrews.

List of Episodes

'List of Very Fantastic Teens episodes

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