The World of Hunter episode

"Valentine's Day"

Season 1, Episode 1a
Air date February 19, 2000
Written by Hunter Bartley
Butch Hartman
Stephen Hullenburg
C.H. Greenblatt
Directed by Hunter Bartley (storyboard/direction)
Derek Drymon (animation)
Eric Robles (creative)
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Be My Valentine!
Girl Fight

Valentine's Day is the very first episode of The World of Hunter.


It's Valentine's Day, and at 7:00 PM, it's The Valentine's Day Prom, so Hunter wants to ask Megan to the prom, but 3 other boys, Jay, Ryan, and Austin try to ask her to the prom. Now how will he secretly ask her to the prom before she decides to ask the others?


  • First appearances of Jay, Ryan, and Austin.
  • In the episode, Hunter, Tanner, and Sydney's house has 6 windows. But in the episodes after this one, there are 7 windows.
  • This is a new version of a Oh Yeah! Cartoons pilot called, Be My Valentine!.
  • During the flashback when the last time Kenny asked Amanda to The Valentine's Day Prom, Kenny is wearing a shirt that says, "Love Hurts", but he usually wears a jacket that's green.


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