Hey look it's a livestream

​(It loops btw)

Yeah remember when I tried to do Jessica Channel? Well welcome to ANIMATION PALOOZA. Classic CN City and Powerhouse bumpers are used, and there's a classic CN marathon coming up at about 19:40 GMT. Feel free to chat on the livestream chat there. Here's the schedule:


Will change eps every two weeks on Saturday, will change shows every half-term. Half-term marathons are also to be expected.

  1. The Powerpuff Girls ​(1998)
  2. ​Looney Tunes ​(public domain shorts)
  3. ​Steven Universe ​(brand new episode from only like a week ago or something) ​airing now
  4. CLASSIC CARTOON NETWORK FOREVER! ​Marathon (classic Cartoon Network shows with bumpers as intervals between shows) airing now
    1. Transition (collection of Powerpuff Girls ​bumpers)
    2. What a Cartoon! ​"No Smoking"
    3. Ed, Edd n Eddy ​"Nagged to Ed"
    4. ​Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones? ​"Sickness"
    5. ​Johnny Bravo ​"Back from the Future"
    6. ​Time Squad ​"A Thrila at Attila's"
    7. Courage the Cowardly Dog ​"Swindlin' Wind"

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