I was waiting until parliment voted for it, but yeah, there's going to be another general election, to make a long story short, around two years ago we re elected Mr. Pigfucker himself, David Cameron, a year later Mr. Pugfucker decided to hold a referendum to see if we wanted to leave the EU, we all know how that turned out, Mr. Pigfucker decided to resign like a pussy because the vote didnt go his way, so some old bitch became prime minister, multiple times during last year she said there wasnt going to be another election until 2020

fast forward to now and she's called for a snap (sudden) general election, and parliment has agreed on it.

Now that's all fine and dandy

but here's the problem

the election will be on June 8th


you heard that

the election is less than two months after it was announced

this is the most important election in the country

and they gave everyone a two month notice

That's like if Trump was like "Eh this job is boring make sure to vote for Kayne next sunday"

isnt our country just great

it's kinda pointless anyway since the torries (the current party in power) are predicted to win by a landslide.

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