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Unidentified Turkey 
Ut logo 
Genre: Comedy, Adventure 
Creator: Invader Rob (originally)
Director: IAmBagel 
Number of seasons: 5 (currently) 
Number of episodes: 112 
Executive producer: Cathy Polth 
Asst. producer: IAmBagel 
Production Company: Invader Productions
Editor: Invader Rob
Runtime: 23 minutes 
First run: 1999-2004; 2012-present 
First aired: September 5, 1999 
Last aired: TBA

Unidentified Turkey is a television show that premiered on September 5, 1999, and originally ended on April 17, 2003. But on August 23, 2012, rumors spread that it will return with new episodes on KM TV.


The show revolves around a Turkey named Turkey, who has crash-landed on Earth nears Mexico. To keep things quiet between him and the humans, he moves to the United States to fool people into thinking he is the mascot of the United States. Anyone who gains suspicious of Turkey, he murders them. This works for about a year, until a human named Jorden fools Turkey into a mysterious van. TBA


  • Turkey: A turkey from outer space that just wants to fit in with humans.
  • Jorden: A human that thinks Turkey is an idiot.
  • Jack: A human that is Jorden's brother.



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