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Under Wraps 
Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Horror 
Creator: JellyfishJam38 
Writer: JellyfishJam38 
Director: JellyfishJam38 
Production Company: Jelly Productions 
Runtime: 40-45 mins. 
First aired: January 1st, 1998

Under Wraps is a sci-fi series created by JellyfishJam38, and is a spin-off series of SpongeBob: Infection. It is not set in the series' current timeline, and instead focuses on a separate story years before its events that interconnects with Infection's storyline. It does not feature SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and most other Bikini Bottom residents outside of cameo appearances, and revolves around Sandy. It is slightly lighter in tone than SpongeBob: Infection, and its rating ranges from TV-PG to TV-14 (PG to 15 in the UK). Only JellyfishJam38 can write episode transcripts. Synopsis from other users will only be added to the show if approved.


A side-plot in the storyline of Infection is Sandy's struggles with a corrupt science agency known as the SBAC (Scientific and Biological Advances Committee), which she kept in contact with during her time in Texas, and their possible involvement in the creation of the virus responsible for the zombie apocalypse. This series is based on Sandy's time working for a secret governmental department working on the fight against and cover-up of alien and paranormal activity, and how she came to know the SBAC in the process.


Each season contains 20 episodes.

Season I

File I: Pilot

Meet Sandy Cheeks, a slightly gifted squirrel adept in martial arts and science, who is living in the suburbs of Texas. Although she has a job as a scientific theorist and inventor, nothing particularly extraordinary has crossed her path. Not until her long-missing neighbor turns up after several weeks, her mind completely wiped of previous memories, including those of herself. Suddenly, Sandy and two friends of hers are placed in a witness protection program, and while there, is told by a high-ranking government official, who addresses himself only as "W", that her talents could be needed in a secret agency known as the PIRS (Paranormal and Interplanetary Resistance Society), as cases like Sandy's neighbor's are happening all over the world. Reluctantly joining, Sandy finds herself plunged into a mysterious, deceiving world where all is not as it seems... (TV-PG-LV) (BBFC PG)



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