U.B.'s Roller Kart Coster is a ride based on U.B. Funky, it's about where you bump into other cars just like in bumper cars.

Character Kart Colors

  1. U.B. - White Kart
  2. Decue - Red Kart
  3. Nuke - Light Blue Kart
  4. Sprout - Green Kart
  5. Mayor Syaso - Black Kart
  6. Jerry - Gold Kart
  7. Bullsye - Yellow & Orange Kart
  8. Twinx - Pink Kart
  9. Loutus - Gray Kart
  10. Wags - Brown Kart


  • The karts shown above are not really the characters, it just shows you what there colors are.
  • The Charatcers are shown and two wallpapers against the walls.

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