Typewriter Productions
Typewriter Productions Logo (Transparent)
founded February 2, 2000
Founder(s) Tech
Headquarters Stamford, Connecticut (U.S.)
Brighton, England (U.K.)
Vancouver, Canada (Can.)
Newcastle, Australia (Aus.)
Parent Viacom International Media Networks
Subsidiaries Vision
RaGE Media Group (RaGE-Typewriter subdivision
Mystical Entertainment (2004-2009)
Typewriter Productions is a production company and the main production arm for the Vision channel, as well as part of the RaGE-Typewriter subdivision of both Typewriter and RaGE Media Group, primarily focusing in the anime and film industry. It was founded by TechKon in February of 2000, and is owned by Viacom Media Networks. Their main headquarters is located in Stamford, Connecticut, but they also operate in the UK, Canada, and Australia.


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Web series


Television channels

Television blocks


  • Rising Sun (October 11, 2014-present, operated by RaGE-Typewriter)
  • Sundown (July 4, 2015-present, operated by RaGE-Typeriter)


  • RaGE Action (April 8, 2005-December 29, 2012, operated by Mystical Entertainment, later run by RaGE Media US)
  • Anime Action Mornings (December 30, 2006-July 11, 2009, operated by Mystical Entertainment)

Television series




  • Dueler (August 25, 2006-TBE) (TV-Y7-FV to TV-PG V) (English dub 2006-2009, co production with Magic Link and Mystical Entertainment from 2007-2009) (Season two and three are mostly owned by Vision and Typewriter)
  • Xelphos Adventures (August 24, 2008-June 14th, 2015) (TV-13-LV to TV-15-LV) (English Dub) (Only the second run is owned by Vision)
  • Xelphos Chronicles (English Dub, July 18th, 2015-December 12th, 2015) (TV-13-LV)
  • Alex (never aired) (TV-15-L to TV-MA)
  • Crossed Path (February 20, 2010-June 1, 2013) (TV-MA L to TV-MA LS or TV-MA LV)







RaGE-Typewriter (previously RaGE USA) is a subsidiary of Typewriter Productions and RaGE Media Group. The company helps produce RaGE programming that airs on Vision. RaGE has been working with Typewriter/Vision since 2008 but did not officially establish RaGE-Typewriter until the summer of 2015.


Sign-Up Board

If you would like to join this production company, meaning you will help with the shows, movies, etc., sign-up below. Also, tell the show you'll mainly work on for now, and what position you want. (writer, director, storyboard artist, etc.)

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