Airdate: June 4th, 2019
Writer(s): Superhappyyoshis
Main: Superhappyyoshis
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Two Tales is the third episode of The Count Desertstone Show. In the episode, Twotails (Count's mate), it introduced.


Coryn: Can I take a break from the flute, Spike?

Spike: Sure.

Count: -is walking in with Twotails- So I was talking to Derek...

Derek: What? -sees Twotails-

Twotails: Is that him?

The Greens (excluding Coryn): Yes, yes yes, it is!

Derek: -Eyes become hearts- H...h.... hi... two tailed crocodile...

Twotails: Sorry, i'm taken

Derek: -hears in eyes fall out and break and eyeballs come back- Oh... umm....

Coryn: -chuckles- yeah... :3

Twotails: -is on an iPhone- I'm Twotails. Nice to meet you! LOL!!! My freind just texted me if I was fine!!! XD LOL!

Count: Your always fine!

-The crocodiles laugh and the screen zooms out into a dark corner of the room-

Xcer: Foolish souls. A rare multi-tailed croc as a mate, huh? >:(. Not good enough. You need more power to overcome me! The true king of the universe, and the killer of you, -takes a picture of Count- YOU, COUNT!!! -burns picture in fire-

-the screen zooms in back into the laughing crocodiles-

Count: What did you text back?

Twotails: I texted back "LOL XDDD!!!"

Derek: How did you and hotty tails- I mean Twotails get together?

Count: It all started last Thursay...

Xcer (just voice): Thursday, huh?!

-flashback starts-

Count: I'm pooped...

The Greens: He, he he, has nothing to do! Do do do!

Count -sighs while reading a book all about crocodiles- Mating? Why. I don't care about it.

Twotails: I have two tails! Also two tales! Come- woah, who's that? -is gazing at Count-

Random female crocodile: That's Count Desertstone!

Another female crocodile: Wow! He's upright cutie!

-the two crocodiles start to argue-

Twotails: Grr.... -roars-

-the two crocodiles freeze-

Twotails: I'll try him. I'm the one with the "two tails" birth defect!

Random male crocodile: Twotails is a girl?!

Other random male: And her tails are birth defects?!

Twotails: O_o! This is why I hated mating in the first place! All the males are fat and strange!

Count: Not all crocodile males are uncivilized.

Twotails: Umm, who was that?! Nobody says words like that these days! Now these days people say "lol' and "XD!"

Count: Of course, your a girl.

Twotails: -chuckles- Thanks... :D

Female crocodile: Really?!

All random male and female crocodiles who talked: NO FAIR!

Twotails: Sorry. Or how we teenagers say it, S.O.R.R.E.H! Lol bye peeps! I should really stop the text talk...

Count: No no no it's okay...

Twotails: Follow me :).

Count: Okay!

-flashback ends-

Count: The rest is too hard to explain.

Twotails: Yeah...

Coryn: I better join The Greens!

The Greens: We are back together! Ever ever.

Derek: Why is it hard to explain?

Twotails: You would blow up. Litterally!

Derek: Oh.

Count: Hey, wanna join the talk show?

Twotails: YOU USED TEXT TALK!!!! -faints-

Count: You take that tail, Derek, while I take the other.

Derek: Okay.

-the two crocs pull each tail-

Twotails: Thanks!

Count: Your welcome.

Derek: Yeah... your always welcome... your royal hotness...

Twotails: What?!

Derek: -is stepping back waving hands- NOTHING... NOTHING!

-all the crocodiles stare at eachother and the episode ends--

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