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Twilight the Bat is a show about bats. Almost all episodes take place inside a cave at night. The show is about a young bat named Twilight, who is 10 years old.


Main Characters


Twilight is a female bat and the main prontogonist of the series. She is great at catching mealworms and moths. Her favorite time is midnight, when bat parties come on.


A male owl and the main antagonist of the series. He eats bats and wants to eat Twilight. He always fails because of the bats' use of echolocation. He never hoots, and makes a "Noot" instead. Not the biggest fail, but with his talons...I whole different story.


A male bat who is friends with Twilight. He is great at flips and tries to impress Twilight, but she just says their "friends" and gives him a mealworm.


A nice Owl that eats rats, NEVER bats. He is a barn owl with big eyes. He saves the bats from random rat attacks sometimes.


Voice Actors

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