Twas the Night before Winterfest is the ninth episode of Season 1 and ninth overall for the TV show 101 Crosses. The dark times the Crosses are in bring joy and enthusiasm to an all time low right around Winterfest, and Jenna takes up the mission to save it.  The reception for the episode was (placeholder). This holiday special was released on Christmas Night following the live action Grinch film, and is 15 minutes long, going from 9:45 PM to 10:00 PM.


Sofósi announces the Winterfest celebrations in Cross Academy will be cancled on the eve of Winterfest. Everyone, weary of their constant teacher changes, and attacks from villains is not bothered. They all scatter away, while the camera flashes to that night, as a single light appears in the center of the academy, slowly walking around. The episode then resumes as Sofósi and the teachers leave as well, as the mysterious light continues into the principals office, dropping off a single package before leaving. Back in the afternoon, an angry voice begins to grumble. The light makes it's way into X's room, dropping a few presents before dropping as X gets up, confused. The afternoon shows the angered student, Jenna, who makes it clear that she's going to do something about it. The lantern reveals Jenna who whispers, "Oops".

X asks her why she is there, and she reminds him of before. Jenna was swearing to do something about it, but X laughs at her and tells her to get over it. X still stands by his previous position, stating that they shouldn't push themselves for a day and have to go back to all the hard times. Jenna storms out, whacking X in the face with a package. She then heads to Jak to deliver his present, but trips on a picture on the ground of Xavier. He wakes up and fires flameballs everywhere, which Jenna narrowly avoids. Jenna explains herself, and Jak is a bit more compassionate, but tells her that they can't handle it all. Jenna uses her Telekinesis to drop the present on his head and leaves. Jenna stops one last time at Sofósi's office.

Sofósi is still there, having been caught up in some paperwork. Sofósi questions Jenna's presence, and Jenna explains herself, begging to Sofósi. Sofósi waves off Jenna. However, Jenna has the courage to get up and do something about it. She expresses that yes, it is hard times, but life is always hard. If you never stop to enjoy it, what's the point? She then leaves quietly, putting down Sofósi's present. Sofósi has a change of heart, and the two prepare the celebrations for the next day.

The next day all of the Crosses celebrate, and are cheered up by Jenna's efforts. Even X and Jak crack a smile before hugging their optimistic, Winterfest loving friend.





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