Airdate: November 15th, 2019
Writer(s): Superhappyyoshis
Main: Superhappyyoshis
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Turkey Food is the 5th episode of The Count Desertstone Show. In the episode, Skirri walks in with a dead turkey and the crocodiles deliver it to a resteraunt and eat it there. Meanwhile, Xcer wants crocodile for Thanksgiving, and Count needs to stop it.


Twotails: So, heres the plan. We teach Skirri fractions an-

Skirri: -walks in with a turkey- Mother, a human car ran over this and I got it!

Count: So much for teaching him fractions...

Skirri: What?!

Count and Twotails: NOTH-

Skirri: I know you two... fractions

Twotails: Your failing in it! Like you got a N in it!

Count: Twotails, that was last week. Now it's a big, fat F.

Skirri: Math? The letter F? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO! I hate Math and ESPECIALLLY the letter F! I also want to know why I hate Q also?!

Count: I know. Because it's obviously just an O trying to look all fancy with it's little tail.

Skirri: UGH! I know right!? I hate Q.

Twotails: And you hate the letter F because it's just an I with it's kids.

Skirri: Exactly! And O is just a fat 0!

Twotails: LOL! XD!

Count: Using text talk again?

Twotails: Yeah! T.X.T talk!

Count: Hey, -puts dead turkey in box- lets send it t-

Twotails: I have a better idea. -takes turkey out of box, takes it's picture, and sends it to the restaurant's staff-

Twotails: They just texted back and said that they will be over right away!

-doorbell rings-

Count: Looks like they're here.

Jacob: Package for Twotails Desertstone. And let me have that turkey! -takes turkey-

Twotails: -opens package- IT'S MONEY! HEAR THAT? C.A.S.H!!!!

Jacob: Have a nice day! -leaves-

Count: Jacob, possibly the only nice person in the restaurant staff.

-screen shows Twotails, Skirri, Count, Derek, and Xcer eating at the restaurant-

Count: Xcer! Why are you here?! And your at our table!

Xcer: Yes, and I want some crocodile tails!

Skirri: And eggshell =_=

Xcer: Indeed, the crunchy eggshell stuck to your head...

Derek: Another episode of "How to Protect your Young from Adult Leopards!!!!" :D :D :D

Count: -Growls- Not again...

Xcer: And Genocor's with me!

Genocor: Hey food!

Count: And your stupid hyena... I mean coyote.... whatever he is.

Xcer: -Throws Genocor out of restaurant- Forget about the stupid wolf!

Genocor (from outside): COYOTE!!!

Xcer: -throws brick outside- Heh...

Genocor (in small voice from outside): Ouch...

Xcer: Now, for my ultimate creation...

Count: A cloud with a chair?

Xcer: NO. A giant brick with a foot!

-from underground, a giant brick with a foot comes up and Xcer is in a chair-

Xcer: Theres another seat for Genocor, but he is in the hospital.

-Screen shows Genocor in a hospital bed-

Genocor: Ow...

-screen goes back to inside the restaurant-

Count: And now, for my ultimate creation, A CUP WITH A WHEEL!

-a cup with a wheel and steering wheel comes in and Count jumps in it-

Count: -drives under foot- And... -presses button-

Cup with a Wheel: Self destruct in five...

-Count jumps out-

Cup with a Wheel: Four, three, two, one. -explodes-

Xcer: AHH!!! -falls out of destroyed brick-


Count: Cup self destruct. Works every time. -winks-

-The episode ends-

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