Chris Meclean:Welcome to Total Cartoon Island and here comes the constestents and to show which show comes,First is the blue boat so here comes the characters from Spongebob Squarepants.

Spongebob:This place looks cool.

Patrick:Wheres the food?

Sandy:I'm gonna win.

Squidward:Oh no,Spongebob and Patrick is here.

Mr.Krabs:I must win the money.

Plankton:I must win this then steal the formula.

Chris Meclean:Here comes the purple boat so here comes the characters from The Fairly Oddparents.

Timmy Turner:Cosmo and Wanda,I wish i win this show.

Cosmo:You got it (Wand makes a fart sound) You don't got it.

Wanda:Sorry Timmy but the rules say we can't help you win.

Chris Meclean:Here comes the dark blue boat so here comes the characters from Sonic X.

Sonic:I'm gonna win cause i'm the fastest compared with all the people here.

Tails:I hope i win.

Amy Rose:Hey Sonic.

Shadow:The only reason i'm here cause there may be a chaos emrald here.

Chris Meclean:Here comes the yellow boat so here comes the characters from Animainiacs.

Yakko:I'm gonna win.

Wakko:No i'm gonna win.

Dot:Sorry boys but i'm gonna win.

Chris Meclean:Here comes the red boat so here cmes the characters from Phineas and Ferb.

Phineas:Do you think you'll win.


Candance:You guys are so busted.

Chris Meclean:Here comes the black boat so here comes the characters from Foster's Home for Imaganarry Friends.

Mac:I hope i win.

Bloo:Sorry Mac but i'm gonna win.

Wilt:Sorry guys but the only reason where here is to raise money for Foster's.

Chris Meclean:Here's the teams show the name and contestents of the teams (Shows the paper of that)

Mac:Yes me and Bloo well be together.

Bloo:I'm happy too.

Chris Meclean:Your first challange is a tug of war.

(Every one pulls on a rope)

Chris Meclean:This may take a while.

(5 minutes later)

Chris Meclean:We still don't have a winner.

(Screaming Gophers pulls Killer Baffs into mud)

Chris Meclean:And the Screaming Gophers wins,Killer Baffs vote someone.

(At night)

Chris Meclean:Mardhmellows goes to Cosmo,Plankton,Ferb,Sonic,Patrick,Shadow,Dot,Wilt and Wakko.Squidward,Candance,This is the final marshnell and it goes to..........................................Squidward.

Candance:What why me?

Plankton:Cause you always talking about busting your brothers.

Chris Meclean:Chef.

Chef:(Drags Candance to the dock of shame) (Throws Candance into boat of losers)

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