Chris Meclean:Last time on Total Cartoon Island,We met the campers,The challange was a Tug of War,Candance was elimanated,What well happen next time on Total Cartoon Island.

(At the Dining Room)

Wakko:The food here is disgusting.

Chris Meclean:Today's challange is a talent show.

Spongebob:(Confessinal) I think my cooking skills well be useful.

Amy Rose:We need 6 people to help use in the challange. Spongebob what's your talent?

Spongebob:I'm a good cook.

Amy Rose:Your in.Sandy what's your talent?

Sandy:I do karate.

Amy Rose:Your in.Timmy what's your talent?

Timmy Turner:I have none,But Wanda can do magic.


Amy Rose:Your in Wanda.

Wanda:(Confessinal) I can't believe Timmy did that.

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