This article is on subjects that are somehow related to the Foundry, but is not canonical nor part of the continuity.
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Today's Specials is a series created by some guy. It is set in an alternate universe where Æ was never born, so the heroes of Elysium are forced to work at a Culver's restaurant instead of fighting crime. The show is broadcast in HD on KM TV and usually runs for twenty-one minutes.


Character Job Description
Krazy Cashier A tall, pale, snarky suklon who hates his job. Has a habit of creeping his customers out. First appears in episode TBA.
Mimic Cashier An evil impressionist who annoys customers by mocking them. He constantly messes with whatever his coworkers are doing. First appears in episode TBA.
Hagel Cashier A bagel-like creature with a very limited understanding of English. He confuses his customers and coworkers alike. First appears in episode TBA.
Rob Cashier An irken with a power complex who has a bad habit of shouting things he's saying. He has a ray gun he uses on people who annoy him. First appears in episode TBA.
Web Cook A sprite who is obsessed with fighting games. He is a slacker, and usually hangs out with Wario when he's supposed to work. First appears in episode TBA.
Wario Cook A teenager with strange abilities who lives in an orphanage. He is also a slacker, and hangs out with Web when he should be working. First appears in episode TBA.
Derp Cook A circular guy who isn't very smart. He tends to take orders too literally (e.g. if someone orders a burger with just cheese, they just get a slice of cheese). First appears in episode TBA.
Erin Cook John's girlfriend who is very independent and sometimes gets into arguments with her coworkers. She hates Web and Wario for their slacking off. First appears in episode TBA.
Ross Cook An anthropomorphic panda in college working a job at Culver's to earn some cash and blow some time. He is lazy and random at times. He kisses up to John but secretly hates him with a passion with his true goal being to overthrow him. First appears in episode TBA.
Bagel Drive-Thru A FoodTopian who is generally sane and nice to people. He's often taken by patrons who think he's the food. First appears in episode TBA.
Chrome Janitor

A robot who gets picked on by customers and his own coworkers. First appears in episode TBA.

Jelly Deep Fryer The worker at the deep fryer. He appears in most episodes as a non-speaking character, but occasionally does have a major role.
John Manager A conceited manager who's strict on his underlings, but sometimes gets inadvertently caught in their shenanigans. First appears in episode TBA.



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