The Plum Blob
Tink & Fling's are Friendly Ants. Their after ago is The Plum Blob but they wasn't born like that. One Time theres a accdient in Fling's Nightclub called Club Fling and get sent into Space and went to planet Blob. They were founded by Dotty & Spotty and Fight evil whatever they see.

Role in The Plum Blob (2011-2012)

They are Main Characters of it along with Dotty & Spotty. Tink is Gray and Smart and Fling is Yellow & a Funky Dancer. They earn The Power of Stars in The Plum Blob The Movie.


Dotty & Spotty

They are Tink & Fling's Helpers.

Clott & Dosh

are Tink & Fling's Friend. They sometimes helps them with Dangerous Mission.

Bunt & Hem

They are Tink & Fling's Girlfriends They Often get kidnapped by Black Mistress or The Growing Glob.

Bing & Ink

Tink & Fling's Other Friend. There worst rival is White Ice.


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