This Show of Gorge is a spin-off of Curiousgorge66's Adventures. This is a list of episodes.


Season 1

  • 1. Pilot: Gorge finds an expensive jewel and decides to return it to the owner.
  • 2. Escape from Nightmare Island: Gorge wakes up in Nightmare Island and tries to escape.
  • 3. Free Cupcakes: Timmy heads to the cupcake place and he sees that free cupcakes are given to anyone under 18, so he tries to convince Gorge to go.
  • 4. Sun Drop Run: Gorge goes on a Sun Drop Run and gets Caffeine-free Sun Drop.
  • 5. World Conquest: Invader Rob conquers Zorguia and declares himself the Emperor of Zorguia. Meanwhile, Gorge is playing chess with Timmy.
  • 6. Wrong Number: Gorge tries to call Daccino, but keeps getting the wrong number.
  • 7. Really Out of Ideas: Curiousgorge66 is out of ideas for the show, until Tara Strong (the voice actor for Timmy) and PB&Jotterisnumber1 bring some ideas. (Non-canon)
  • 8. Sophie the Human: Sophie turns into a human.
  • 9. The Great Magician: The Great Beguru tries his magician skills with the city.
  • 10. Take Zorguia Away: The Space Mouth threatens to eat Zorguia, so Rob arms himself with superior weapons.
  • 11. Age Restriction: Daccino tries to get into a place that allows no one under 15.
  • 12. Papa Squeegee Gone Bankrupt: Frederick quits his comedian jokes after Sophie told him that he wasn't funny at all and eventually, Papa Squeegee almost turned bankrupt.
  • 13. Age Me Up: Sophie finds an age-progression product and gets one thing of it, which she uses to turn 21 years old.
  • 14. Mimic the Bored Impressionist: Mimic poses as Sophie, but Gorge sees through his disguise anyway.
  • 15. BatSophie: Sophie puts on BatDoug's costume and becomes BatSophie, and Doug must get his suit back.
  • 16. The Cruel Ending: Frederick dies.

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