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Birth date May 16, 1923
Birth place Iris
Date of death 2024
Age 101 (as of 2024)
Gender Female
Eye color       Red
Affiliation Order (formerly), Imperium
Enemies Syndicate, Order
Archenemy Syndicate
Alignment Bad
Marital status Single
Debut Syndicate
Created by KM
Signature appearance Syndicate

"Oh well."
Eris' most commonly said phrase and response to most circumstances






Eris is played up as an unstable cloudcuckoolander. She relies on her impulsiveness as opposed to strategy and will intentionally sabotage herself if it means proving a point. Her allies and enemies have a hard time telling when she's serious or joking. Eris is hammy and enjoys indulging in debauchery and other villain hobbies (golf).

Powers and abilities


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