A list of items and events for The World is Dead.


Objects 1-10 (The Apartment)

1st Item - Melon

Caption: Reminds me of a guy with long hair.

Location: My bedside.


2nd Item - Shower Gel

Caption: Smells like cranberry.

Location: My bathroom.


3rd Item - Headphones

Caption: Don't do this.

Location: TL's fridge.


4th Item - Brick

Caption: Who just wrecked this?!

Location: The Apartment's lobby, front desk.


5th Item - Golf Club

Caption: Magical.

Location: The Apartment's swimming pool, 3rd bench.


6th Item - Used Tissue

Caption: Yuck.

Location: The Apartment's breakfast restaurant, near soup pot.


7th Item - Fruitcake

Caption: Hard as a phone. Where the heck is fruitcake from, anyway?!

Location: Room 223, on top of TV.


8th Item - Cotton Swab

Caption: Full of yellowish stuff. Gross.

Location: Room 223, bathroom, sink.


9th Item - Eraser

Caption: T-t-t-t-t-t-the note screamed!

Location: Room 698, bedside.


10th Item - Butter

Caption: Shiny.

Location: Room 124, on top of drawer.

References (1-20)

  • The 1st item is a reference to THAT GUY.
  • The last item is an obvious reference to SkyDoesMinecraft.


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