The Weird Family is a Comedy/ Animated sitcom parodying an every day life of an average American family. This is a project written animated and directed by DeadManThunder and produced by 300 cats productions as one of thier first co-created T.V. Shows. This Show is aired on The Dark Side Channel and in edited format on Fox's Animation Domination and Then later Adult Swim. It carries both a TV-PG and a TV-14 rating and rarely airing a TV-MA rating.

Season 1

(Summaries Coming Soon)

Episode 1- Your Avarage Family. TV-14-L

Summary: A new family moves in and also weird people.

Episode 2- Murderer. TV-14-V

Summary: The Family Must Hide from a psychopathic murderer

Episode 3- The Car. TV-PG-DLV

Summary: The oldest son learns how to drive but along with that there are some major problems.

Episode 4- Biology. TV-PG-DV

Summary: A biology lesson from school scars all of the children for life

Episode 5- B.B Guns. TV-PG-V

Summary: The Eldest son bought BB guns but only to cause trouble

Episode 6- Mr. Wilson. TV-14-LV

Summary: An old man tries to hurt the Family some how

Episode 7- The Bully. TV-14-LV

Summary: The Eldest son comes face to face with a bully

Episode 8- Lawn Rivalry. TV-PG-V


Episode 9- Baby Journey. TV-14-V

Episode 10- The Bus. TV-MA

Episode 11- Altzimers. TV-14

Episode 12- The Stupid TV Show. TV-14-LV

Episode 13- The Talk. TV-14-DLV

Episode 14- Piano Lessons. TV-14-LV

Episode 15- Drugs. TV-14-DLV

Episode 16- Best Friend. TV-14-V

Episode 17- Sandwich. TV-14-DV

Episode 18- Walk-In. TV-14-SV

Episode 19- Chickens. TV-14-DV

Episode 20- Bad Neigborhood. TV-14-LV

Episode 21- Terrbile Comedy. TV-14-DLV

Episode 22- Trapped in a Bathroom. TV-14-L

Episode 23- Bad Words. TV-MA-L

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