The Void is what appears to be a rip coming from nowhere in space. It is not clearly visible from Earth during daytime, but you can see it clearly at night as a diamond-like shape in the sky. Inside of The Void is a white space, but objects such as a house or a laptop have been reported to be inside of it. The Void was forgotten by most of humanity after 2012 due to lack of interest and knowledge. To this day, it remains one of the most mysterious and elusive things to ever be in outer space.


Not much is known about it except for the fact that Chrome and Nova were formed inside of it.


  • Paradox Science, the creators of Chrome, conducted a study on The Void long ago, and found out there's oxygen in it. After an incident involving one of the machines used to create Chrome, they decided to launch Chrome inside of it to not cause any further injuries.

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