The Stupid Adventures of Fluffy is a British TV programme that debuted on 29 December 2001 in the United Kingdom, and on 28 September 2002 in the United States. It airs on Nickelodeon and ITV.


Fluffy - Fluffy is a white bunny, he is also a superhero who isn't too dumb, but not too smart either, voiced by Ringo Starr (UK, first - second season, and US; first season only), Candi Milo (US; second season - fourth season), Mona Marshall (UK, first - second season (as placeholder), third season onwards and US, fifth season onwards).

Piny - Fluffy's porcupine sweetheart, she misses her Fluffy when he is away, she can be very aggressive, voiced by Kate Harbour (UK) and Russi Taylor (US)

Melina - Fluffy's daughter, she is a bunny like her father, voiced by Kate Harbour (UK) and Candi Milo (US)

Boris - Fluffy's piggy boss, he recruits Fluffy on all of his missions, he is a lot smarter than Fluffy, and has fired Fluffy on a regular basis, voiced by Leonard Nimoy (UK, season one - early season six) and George Takei (US and UK, mid season six onwards)

Bandit - The main villain, he is a raccoon steals money from banks and always smokes a cigar, he has even stolen Piny on one occasion, voiced by Marc Silk (UK) and Jeff Bennet (US)

Froglips - A frog who doubles as a bartender, when Fluffy goes to the bar, Froglips gives him some advice, and root beer. Voiced by Frank Oz (US, season two only and UK, seasons two - three), Billy West (US, season three onwards), and Marc Silk (UK, season four onwards)

The Otter Twins - Two otters, named Ollie and Ozzie who Piny frequently has to babysit, the two can be very annoying. Voiced by Brian Meehl (Ollie, UK and US), Kate Harbour (UK, Ozzie), and Rob Paulsen (US, Ozzie)

Sammy the Snake - A murderous snake that is wanted for biting off limbs and heads of innocent trespassers. Voiced by Frank Oz (UK and US)


  • The reason Boris' voice actor was changed in the UK was because of Leonard Nimoy's death in 2015.


Series 1: 2001 - 2003

Episode Airdate Description
Boogley and Chaps

29 December 2001

A dinosaur named Boogley has kidnapped many innocent children to show on his own TV show, Fluffy must take him down. The character Boogley is a satire of Barney.
Fluffy's Sleepover 29 December 2001 Fluffy must be forced to stay at his daughter's sleepover, can he manage?
McGronald Land 5 January 2002 Bronald McGronald (a parody of Ronald McDonald) lures kids to McGronald's to eat a dozen hamburgers, and then Bronald eats the kids, can Fluffy stop the madness?
Fluffy Goes To Jail 12 January 2002 Fluffy is sent to jail, but he doesn't actually do the bad deed, his evil twin, Gus is the real culprit.
S-S-S-Sammy 19 Saturday 2002 Fluffy is sent on his hardest mission ever, to murder Sammy the Snake, a murderous, cannibalistic snake.
Fluffy and Melissa's Day 26 January 2002 Fluffy and Melissa spend a day together having a good day.


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