The shoe brothers is a lost series.It had 6 episodes,only 4 which aired on nick,it never aired on Nicktoons,and not any episodes are on the Internet.Only a bad quality intro is what is the remains of this show.The only known description of the show is it was about two brothers,Dud and Bud,who are both shoes.It was produced by CUbE Studios.After the first two episodes aired,the other two episodes were held away for two years.Nothing has been known about the last two episodes.


Episode 1.Shoo,Shoes!/Yak for Nothing(June 21, 2000) The shoes are lost in a jungle/The shoes are trapped in a box,having to listen to a boring converstation for 7 hours.

Episode 2.Smack Shack/Trail Max(June 28, 2000) The shoes are attacked by a crazy child/The brothers are lost on a camping trip.

Episode 3.The World And Him/BlackJack(July 8, 2002) Dud tries to smarten Bud./Bud attempts to join "The Top Cardiators Club"

Episode 4.Lost Secrets/Super Zeroes(July 15, 2002) Dud is searching for a "Lost Tape".He goes through great lengths to find it,but he never does./Dud And Bud become super heroes.

NOTE:This was the last episode aired on television,although episode 6 was on for a few months in 2010.

Episode 5.Brothers Club/You Don't Know What Yer Doin'!(Unaired) Dud and Bud attempt to join a club./Bud gets drunken.

NOTE:This episode caused the following episode to be unaired as well due to the content being Inappropriate.

Episode 6.Your Body is A Temple,OPEN THE DOORS/The Unruly Alien(Unaired) A kid eats the brothers./Dud spots an alien,goes through great lenghts to find it after,and when he finnaly gets him,the alien is more screwy than expected.

NOTE:This episode was avalible on,but was removed shortly after.It was screened at the 2004 SCQAGGA Film Festival.

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