The Random Spaghetti Show is a show about Spaghetti, and his friends Radar and Spoon.





Spaghetti: A bowl of spaghetti that hovers around.

Radar: Spaghetti's best friend, who is very brave.

Spoon: A spoon who has a fear of forks and knifes.


Tomato: A tomato who wants to be made into ketchup.

Milk: Spaghetti's great-great-great grandfather who is 4,192 years old and still alive.


Darkxo: A floating sphere made of darkness that can morph into anything. He can also create dark versions of people.

Jack: A lumberjack who chops down houses with his living axe, Axi

Axi: Jack's axe who loves his job destroying everything.

Axart: Jack's old axe who lives in a birdhouse across from Axi's house.


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