The Random Adventures of Becky and Mario 
Genre: Comedy
Creator: SuperSaiyanKirby (on Frederator Studios) 
Director: David Feiss 
Developer: Fred Seibert 
Starring: Amy Poehler
Caitlin Sanchez
Audrey Wasilewski
Dee Bradley Baker 
Voices: Amy Poehler as Becky McSwine
Caitlin Sanchez as Chowdown the Fairy
Audrey Wasilewski as Mario Goober
Dee Bradley Baker as Mr. Sheabutter
Tara Strong as Natalie Black
Nika Futterman as Luke Sheabutter
Susan Blakeslee as Ms. Lockwood
Reed Alexander as Mrs. Sheabutter
Debi Derryberry as Scarlett the Fairy 
Number of seasons: TBA 
Number of episodes: 24 
List of episodes: List of The Random Adventures of Becky and Mario episodes 
Executive producer: John A. Davis 
Producer: Eric Robles 
Asst. producer: John Kricfalusi (credited as Raymond Spum) 
Editor: Andre 3000 
Camera: Steve Tompkins 
Runtime: 11 per segemnt 
Picture format: Steve Tompkins 
Audio format: Fred Seibert and John A. Davis 
First aired: January 22, 2010 
Last aired: TBA 
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The Random Adventures of Becky and Mario is a animated Nicktoon of a 15 year old pig named Becky and a 13 year old beaver named Mario. The show started with a series of pilots on Like It! Cartoons.


One day a 15-year-old pig and a 13-year-old beaver named Becky and Mario was just eating some pie when a fairly named Chowdown asked them if they wanted to have fun every day. Now they have random adventures each day! Even though they might get into trouble, they still have fun!


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