The Quarter Project 
Genre: Comedy
Creator: Eggy Soulster 
Theme composer: Nicolas Carr
FL Studio 
Opening theme: Battlefield by Jordin Sparks 
End theme: Mr. Young ending credits song 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 85 (6 unaired) 
List of episodes: List of The Quarter Project episodes 
Executive producer: Eggy Soulster 
Production Company: Cracked Crossovers/Eggy Studios
Nickelodeon Productions
Cookie Jar (season 1)
DHX Cookie Jar (season 2)
Billionfold, Inc.
MoonScoop (season 2) 
Runtime: 22 Minutes 
Original Channel: Nickelodeon (2010, 2013-present)
Nicktoons (2011) 
Picture format: 1080p (HD) 
First aired: Original: November 2, 2010
Revival: September 7, 2013 
Last aired: Original: April 5, 2011
Revival: present

The Quarter Project is an American animated television series, created by Eggy Soulster. The series follows the adventures of Quarter after the events of Quarter: Attack Of The Giant Paint. It is based on the Quarter movie series. It is rated TV-Y, TV-Y7 and TV-Y7-FV.


Main Characters

  • Quarter: The main protagonist of the show. He is intelligent and an agent of the ROM (Robotic Organization of Mechanics). He is voiced by Eggy Soulster.
  • Hemlin: Quarter's brother and a black belt in martial arts as revealed in the episode Moral Kombat. He is not intelligent as Quarter, and is sometimes joked as a "half-a-brainer". Also voiced by Eggy Soulster.


  • Graybol: The main villian who is obviously a ball. He attempts to destroy the Robotic Organization of Mechanics and Quarter in most episodes, but fails to.


In 2007, The Quarter Project was originally announced as a cartoon for the upcoming KEWLopolis block by DiC Entertainment (who produced Quarter Again) and Eggy Soulster in June 2007. At the time, The Quarter Project was named Quarter: The Animated Series, not The Quarter Project. However when DiC was acquired by Cookie Jar Entertainment on July 23, 2008, Cookie Jar decided to move the show to Nickelodeon (as Nickelodeon Movies produced the first movie and the upcoming third movie), and updated the logo of the show. Nothing was heard about the show until October 2009, when Cookie Jar updated the Nickelodeon logo to the 2009 Nickelodeon logo, and renamed the show to The Quarter Project.


Country Broadcasting Network(s)
United States Nickelodeon (2010, 2013–present)
Nicktoons (2011)
Canada YTV (2010–2011, 2013–present)
Nickelodeon (2011–present)
Asia Disney Channel (2010–present)
Nickelodeon (2011–present)
Philippines KidsCo (2011-2013)
Nickelodeon (2010-2013)
United Kingdom & Ireland

Nickelodeon (2010–2011; 2014–present)
Nicktoons (2010–2012; 2013–present)
CITV (2013–present)
CITV on ITV (2013–present)

Brazil TV Brasil (2011–present)
Japan Nick Time (2011–2012)
TV Tokyo (2011-present)
China Nickelodeon (2012–present)
Latin America Disney XD (2010–present)
Mexico Nickelodeon (2010–present)
Austria Nickelodeon (2011–present)
Australia Nickelodeon (2011–present)
Germany Nickelodeon (2010–present)
Russia Nickelodeon (2010–present)
France Nickelodeon (2010–present)
Spain Nickelodeon (2010–present)
Scandinavia Disney XD (2010-2012)
Italy Cartoon Network (2010)
Nickelodeon (2011-2012)

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