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The Plum Blob: Unleashed 
Genre: Action


Comic Sci-fi 

Creator: Mark Bisbop 
Director: Mark Bisbop 
Voices: Oliver Mason

Will Ferrell

David Carling

Alex Kelly

Emily Newcombe

Miley Cyrus

Frank Welker

Tom Kane 

Opening theme: Unleashed 
End theme: Unleashed (Interusmental) 
Location: UK


Runtime: 22 mins 
First run: May 21st 2012 
Preceded by: The Plum Blob 
Related: Bin Weevils

The Plum Blob: Unleashed is an squeal to the show The Plum Blob. This airs on Nicktoons and Nick.


After Tink and Fling (along with their other colourful blob friends) forms into an meteor. 2 12 and 14 year old children named Geogette and Tix spotted an giant meteor and The Blobs forms into their normal blob forms. Tink and Fling gets and close enconter with their new friends, new world, new baddies, new adventures and meeting a new light green blob Punt and Pab.


Main Characters

Tink: A gray clever chap and one of the heads of the plum blob. Before he was like this he was friends of his old friend Clott until one day Tink and his other friend Fling gets turn into The Plum Blob. Voice by Oliver Mason.

Fling: A yellow funky dancer and one of the heads of the plum blob. He is Voice by Will Ferrell.

Gobs: A blob that Tink & Fling use to turn themselves into the plum blob.

Geogette: 14 year old girl. Always hangs out with Tink. Voice by Alex Kelly.

Tix: 12 year old boy. Always hands out with Fling, Voice By Emily Newcombe.

Clott & Dosh: A green blob that is Tink & Fling's friend. Clott is Voiced By Alex Kelly, & Dosh is Voiced By David Carling.

Bunt & Hem: A Pink blob that is Tink & Fling's girlfriend. Bunt Is Voiced by Emily Newcombe, & Hem Is Voiced By Miley Cyrus.

Minor Characters

Rigg & Rott: A Blue Blob that is Spacetropolis's Chef. Both of Them Voice by David Carling.

Flem & Gam: A Red Blob. Both of Them is Voice by David Carling.

Bing & Ink: A Yellow Blob who is Tink & Fling's Other friend. Both of Them Voice by David Carling.

Lab & Kip: A Dark Blue Blob who is a Scientist of Spacetropolis. Both of Them are Voice by David Carling.

Sing & Slam: A Purple Blob. Sing likes rap & Slam is so crazy. Both are Voice by Alex Kelly.

Blarf & Frank: A Orange Blob. Blarf is Voice by Frank Welker and Frank is Voice by Tom Kane.

Punt and Pab: A Light green blob. Both of them are voice by David Carling.

Mayor Leaves: Spacetrpolis Mayor. Voice by David Carling

P.C Pluto: A Police Officer. Voice By David Carling


Toxic: An person who owns an evil power plant and use it to mutate everyone in Spacetropolis. Voice by Frank Welker.


List of Episodes of The Plum Blob: Unleashed


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