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These are commercials or bumpers used in any way to advertise the animated series, The Pizza Show.

Text in italic are lines from the series.

2006 commercials

Teaser promo

  • (promo begins with a waveform which moves when characters talk)
  • Slice (indistinct voice): What...
  • Pepperoni: (indistinct): Wh-here are we...
  • Cucumber: (indistinct): I-i have a volleyball s-stuck up m-my butt...
  • (screen moves to a zoomed in pizza slice)
  • Narrator: The Pizza Show... coming soon to Nicktoons...
  • (text on-screen reads THE PIZZA SHOW: COMING SOON and the channel logo)

Premiere promo

  • (promo begins with the five protagonists running)
  • Narrator: This is a completely ordinary show.
  • (scene of the cheese-nado hitting Pizza High School)
  • Narrator: Nothing to see here.
  • (scene of the old lady kicking the five into a flashing lights dimension)
  • Narrator: Except for the fact that it's about a pizza slice and three pizza toppings and SOME RANDOM CUCUMBER, and a tornado made of cheese and old ladies and flashing lights!
  • (scene of the dragon burning the five to a crisp)
  • (scene of a wrestler pinning the five)
  • (scene of a bird throwing a tree at Cucumber and the tree sts on fire)
  • Narrrator: And a dragon killing people and famous wrestlers and birds throwing trees at a random cucumber and the tree sets on fire!
  • (scene of a pizza slice jumping into a pile of pepperonis and shivering in fear)
  • Narrator: And a shivering pizza in pepperoni-
  • (scene of the real life five being dropped on a floor)
  • Narrator: And pizza stuff being dropped on to a... I need a lie down
  • Narrator #2: The Pizza Show, a brand new series... thing! Starts the 3rd of April/this Sunday/tomorrow/today at 6pm only on Nicktoons!
  • Narrator: And a wizard eating a portal and a cat saving a ninja from dying and-
  • (promo cut off)

I'm lazy so I'll make more later.

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