The Pizza Movie Video Game
The Wii cover.
Developer(s) Skullbones123 Productions
Publisher(s) Nick Games
Release date September 17, 2016
Genre Adventure/Action
Mode(s) Story Mode

Battle Mode

Multiplayer Mode

Rating(s) 7 (PEGI)
Platform(s) DS



Wii U

Xbox 360


The Pizza Movie Video Game is an action/adventure video game that is based on The Pizza Movie. It was released on September 17, 2016 on Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3, Xbox One and PS4. Each character has a sword and a special ability- like Slice can throw deadly pepperoni.


Out of food? You need to go through the doom forest for a source in this jam-packed adventure!


  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Ultimate Doom Mode (Unlocked for completing the game)


  • Tutorial Time- Tutorial Time is obviously, the tutorial for the game. This chapter teaches the player how to play before getting them to do three challenges- an obstacle course, a parkour challenge and a small battle against some enemies. If the player has completed the game before, there is an option to skip this chapter.
  • Walk in the Park- Based on the first part of the movie, this chapter begins at the apartment. The player must then journey to the park, where French Fry's minions are attacking. After this battle is completed, the player is informed that more minions have broken into the apartment, where the player must journey back to and defeat these minions, ending the level.
  • Illegal Car Journey- The third chapter is based on the curry part, where you must illegally drive a car to the curry restraunt, whilst getting hunted down by the police.
  • TBA

Playable Characters


  • Slice (Special Ability- Deadly Pepperoni Throw)
  • Pepperoni (Special Ability- Colour Blast)
  • Cucumber (Special Ability- Slice Spit)
  • Cheese (Special Ability- Mouse Blast)
  • Crust (Special Ability- Laser Sunglasses)


  • The Lumberjack (Special Ability- Tree-Mendous Chop) (Unlocked with 5000 coins)
  • Menacing Clown (Special Ability- Red Nose Attack) (Unlocked with 5000 coins)
  • Epic-Man (Special Ability- Laser Gun) (Unlocked for completing the game)




  • On each of the different versions for all consoles, it has a different character (Crust on Xbox 360, Slice on Xbox One, Pepperoni on Wii, Cucumber on Wii U, Cheese on PS3 and French Fry on PS4.

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