The Pizza Movie: Songs from the Movie

Produced by

Skullbones123 Music

Release Date

July 3, 2016



No. of tracks


 The Pizza Movie: Songs from the Movie is a soundtrack including songs from The Pizza Movie.


The album has 11 tracks, with the 11 movie songs.

Title Length Track No.
Let's Do This 1:34 1
We are the Monsters From the Forest 2:36 2
75% of the Way There 1:59 3
We Begin with One 0:40 4
I Give Up 2:01 5
Don't Give Up 0:15 6
This is a Movie? 1:02 7
We Made It (Crust) 0:22 8
We Made It (Pepperoni) 0:27 9
You Have Not Completed your Challenge 2:03 10
We Did It (Finale Song) 2:51 11

Total Length: 15:50

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