The Pizza Movie: Music From The Movie

Produced by

Skullbones123 Music

Release Date

July 3, 2016



 The Pizza Movie: Music from the Movie (Stylized as The Pizza Movie: Music from Da The Movie) is a soundtrack which includes music from The Pizza Movie. It costs £5.99 in the UK and $9.99 in the US


Title Length
Opening Music 0:58
French Fry's Lair Music 2:14
Cinema Music 1:33
Source of Death Music 0:55
Time Rewind Music 3:12
Pit of Spikes Music


Climbing Music 1:49
The 2-Minute Music 2:00
Finding Out Music 0:47
King Cheeseburger Music 1:13
Swipe Music 3:56
Chemical Music 0:58
Dramatic Music 0:43
Battle Music 6:33
Ultimate Power Music 1:53
Archery Music 0:09
End Credits Music


Full Length: 30:39

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