Teaser Trailer

(Screen Says "The Following preview has been approved for appropriate audiences)

(Screen Shows Paramount Pictures logo)

Man: Sorry 4.0 it's sound darker

Man: Contact, bearing 60 degrees

Man: Quite faint

Man: That Nine What Would You Got

Man: What's Going On Johnny

Man: Can You Hear

Man: Now Listen

Man: Splashes

(Spongebob Laugh)

Man: 3000 yards closing offily pass

(Submarine Beeping)

Man: Mother of God

Spongebob: (Laughing) Don't You Love Playing Submarine Gary!

Gary: Meow!

Spongebob: Prepair to Dive! Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

Man: (Yelling & Screaming)


(Alarm Blaring)

Man: Move It Move It Move It!

(The Word "The Nicktoons Movie" appear the logo)

Annoucer: The Nicktoons Movie

(Singing) Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick

Man: Captain Sir Your Never Gonna Believe This

Man: Resticted This Under It For What

Man: That Under Singing To

(The Screen goes black and the Words "Summer 2004" appears)

(Singing) Nickelodeon!


First Trailer


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