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January 2, 2013

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The New Adventures of the IJLSA: The Reality Show

The New Adventures of the IJLSA: The Reality Show is the seventh episode of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Reality Show, and the tenth episode of The New Adventures of the IJLSA.


The leader of U.L.T.R.A.E.V.I.L. plans to to take over the IJLSA's dimension by traveling across other dimensions gathering foe's. When he arrives in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Reality Show's dimension he realizes that the IJLSA doesn't exist there, so he plan's to take over. The two show's must join forces to stop U.L.T.R.A.E.V.I.L.


Setting: SpongeBob's Backyard

TRS SpongeBob: Last time on SpongeBob SquarePants: The Reality Show, our contestants were stranded alone in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, and were forced to depend on one another for survival! They faced monstrous creatures, even seaquakes, but in the end the Flying Dutchman lost the competition for the Jellyfish! With a surprise twist all of the contestants returned! Sadly the Flying Dutchman's actions are exactly what got him eliminated! Who will join him this week? What brutal challenge awaits our contestants? All these questions and much more will be answered tonight on SpongeBob SquarePants: The Reality Show!

[Opening Theme]

Setting: Chum Bucket [IJLSA Dimension]

Leader: Finally, my device is complete!

IJLSA Plankton: I'm honored to be standing in your presence, sir!

Leader: We are one step away from complete domination! Commence the master plan, but first bring me the IJLSA!

Setting: Monster Infested Trench [TRS Dimension]

[Bus appears]

TRS Squilliam: [Exits bus limping] Why does being famous have to hurt so much?

TRS Patrick: [Exits bus in wheelchair] The agony!

TRS SpongeBob: What happened to you guys?

TRS Larry the Lobster: [Exits the bus on crutches] Fans! That's what happened! Those animals will do anything for an autograph!

TRS SpongeBob: Glad to see all of your smiling faces here today! [Observes the frowning contestants moaning in agony] Forget what I just said. In today's competition both teams will be... trench diving!

TRS Squidward: Oh, great.

Setting: IJLSA Secret Base [IJLSA Dimension]

IJLSA SpongeBob: Well, after what just happened to us what can we do now.

IJLSA Patrick: Well, we didn't lose we just-

IJLSA Squidward: Lost.

IJLSA SpongeBob: Don't you guys see what their doing? This is exactly what they want! We can't give up! This is everything we've trained for!

IJLLSA Sandy: He's right! They want us to give u-

[Monitor turns on]

Chief: Our sourced last found Man Ray downtown, playing "Ding Dong Ditch!" You need to put a stop to his madness!

IJLSA SpongeBob: We're on it Chief! IJLSA, away!

[The IJLSA report downtown]

Setting: Chum Bucket [IJLSA Dimension]

Leader: Phase two of the master plan is in progress! Those fools have fallen right into our trap! Little did they know, that bye Man Ray's side is an entire army of U.L.T.R.A.E.V.I.L. robots!

IJLSA Plankton: May I have the honor of viewing the termination of our arch rivalry?

Leader: Don't worry, they aren't powerful enough to stop the IJLSA! They are simply a distraction, so that the IJLSA will not have time to foil our plans!

IJLSA Plankton: Brilliant plan, master.

Leader: Oh, my fellow companion, the master plan has nearly began!

Setting: Monster Infested Trench [TRS Dimension]

TRS Mermaid Man: [Views the endless drop in front of him] On second thought, I'm not so sure about this!

TRS Pearl: Come on, don't wimp out on us!

TRS Man Ray: What are you doing? He's not even on our team!

TRS Pearl: I know, but I just really want to see someone jump!

TRS Mermaid Man: If I survive this-

TRS Mrs. Puff: [Pushes Mermaid Man off the trench]

TRS Mermaid Man: Ah! [Falls to the bottom]

TRS SpongeBob: Congratulations, to the Jellyfish for scoring their first point of the competition!

[Jellyfish begin cheering]

Setting: Downtown [IJLSA Dimension]

IJLSA Man Ray: [Rings a door bell]

IJLSA Citizen: [Opens the door] Hello?

IJLSA Man Ray: [Hides in the bushes]

IJLSA Citizen: Kids!

IJLSA Sandy: [Appears at the doorstep] Didn't your mother ever teach you right from wrong?

IJLSA Man Ray: [Begins laughing evilly]

IJLSA Squidward: Huh?

[Army of U.L.T.R.A.E.V.I.L. robots appear]

IJLSA Man Ray: We've got you trapped now!

Setting: Monster Infested Trench [TRS Dimension]

TRS Karen: I'm not so sure about this! [Observes the trench below]

TRS Barnacle Boy: Don't be a baby, Karen!

TRS Karen: If it's so easy, why aren't you the one jumping?

TRS Barnacle Boy: Well... I'm... allergic to jumping! Yeah, that's it!

TRS Karen: That's what I thought! It's now or never! [Jumps off the trench] Ah!

TRS SpongeBob: Congratulations, to the Krabby Patties for scoring their first point of the competition!

Setting: Chum Bucket [IJLSA Dimension]

IJLSA Patrick: Help!

Leader: Screaming will not do any good! Once phase three of the master plan is in progress there will be no stopping U.L.T.R.A.E.V.I.L.!

IJLSA SpongeBob: The master plan?

Leader: That's right! Once complete, this device will allow me to travel between dimensions, in order for me to gather a team of of the biggest, baddest, foe's that this ocean has ever seen! Now that the IJLSA has been captured no one can stop me! [Laughs evilly]

IJLSA Sandy: You'll never get away with this!

Leader: I already have! Who's left to stop me? The IJLSA? Oh, that's right I've already captured them!

Setting: Monster Infested Trench

TRS Patrick: You can do this! You can do this! You can do this! [Opens one of his eyes to view the endless drop]  Ah!

TRS Mr. Krabs: Hurry up, we don't have all day!

TRS Patrick: Well, excuse me for taking my time! [Jumps off of trench] Ah!

TRS Plankton: It's about time!

TRS SpongeBob: Congratulations, to the Jellyfish for scoring yet another point in today's competition! Next up will be Sandy, representing the Krabby Patties!

TRS Sandy: Piece of cake! [Cracks knuckles] Wish me luck! [Jumps off trench]

TRS SpongeBob: Is that it? She didn't even hesitate! Congratulations, to the Krabby Patties for scoring their second point in today's competition!

Setting: Chum Bucket [IJLSA Dimension]

Leader: [Activates machine] I would love to stay and chat, but I've got a world to take over! [Waves bye at IJLSA and enters the portal with Plankton]

IJLSA SpongeBob: No!

Setting: Bucket of Evil

Leader Plankton: [Speaks into giant monitor] Anyone who catches the Black Sponge will get a one hundred dollar reward!

Leader: [Enters dimension] I'm here to take over this retchid dimension!

Leader Plankton: This one's taken! Get your own!

Leader: Sorry! [Exits dimension]

[Leader travels through many dimensions in the form of a montage]

Setting: Monster Infested Trench [TRS Dimension]

TRS Squidward: [Observes the endless pit below] I don't know abou-

Leader: [Enters dimension with Plankton] I, the leader of U.L.T.R.A.E.V.I.L. am here looking for top notch foe's to assist me in world domination!

TRS Squidward: U.L.T.R.A. what?

[Everyone stands motionless]

Leader: Well, this is awkward. [Clears throat] What? No, cry for help? No, call in the IJLSA? Nothing?

TRS Mr. Krabs: What's the IJLSA?

TRS SpongeBob: You don't know what the IJLSA is? Their only the coolest superheroes ever!

TRS Squidward: [Whispers] This guy is nuts.

Leader: Laugh while you can, but I will destroy you! [Heads towards Bikini Bottom]

Setting: Chum Bucket [IJLSA Dimension]

IJLSA Patrick: I think I can grab the key. [Stretches arm and grabs the key] Got it!

Robot: Alert! Escape in progress!

IJLSA Sandy: Um, Patrick! Try not to yell next time!

IJLSA SpongeBob: Hurry, unlock the cage!

IJLSA Patrick: [Unlocks the cage and ties the robots together with his elastic arms]

IJLSA Squidward: [Blasts the robot's with magma]

IJLSA SpongeBob: [Strikes the robot's with his super speed, causing them to blow up]

IJLSA Sandy: [Crushes the remaining parts] Well, what are we waiting for? We've got a Leader to catch!

[IJLSA travel through dimensions in the form of a montage as well]

Setting: Monster Infested Trench [TRS Dimension]

IJLSA Squidward: [Looks at TRS Squidward] Why, aren't you handsome!

TRS Squidward: Right back at you!

IJLSA Sandy: We don't have time for this!

IJLSA SpongeBob: We have to find the Leader!

TRS Squidward: Looks like this "Leader" guy isn't the only crazy person.

IJLSA SpongeBob: Wait, you know the Leader?

TRS SpongeBob: Yeah, he came and talked about some "IJLSA" nonsense and ran off.

IJLSA SpongeBob: He's planning something big! Which way did he go?

TRS Larry the Lobster: He's headed strait for Bikini Bottom!

IJLSA Sandy: We have to stop him!

TRS SpongeBob: We'll help! This will totally raise our ratings!

IJLSA SpongeBob: You can come, but I will not guaruntee your survival.

TRS SpongeBob: On second thought-

TRS Sandy: [Covers SpongeBob's mouth] We're coming!

Setting: Streets of Bikini Bottom [TRS Dimension]

Leader: Call me a nut, will they! Well, I'll show them all! They'll be the first that I enslave!

IJLSA SpongeBob: Not so fast, Leader!

Leader: Huh? You! How did you escape? No matter, I still have the advantage! While you were sidetracked I gathered a group of the toughest foe's across four dimensions! May I introduce to you... Dirty Bubble, Atomic Flounder, Sinister Slug, and Jumbo Shrimp! Give up now, while you still have your dignity!

TRS Patrick: Ha, the jokes on you! I lost my dignity a long time ago!

TRS Sandy: Really, Patrick?

TRS Patrick: What?

Leader: Any last words?

IJLSA Squidward: Yeah, catch! Krakatoa! [Blasts Leader with magma]

Leader: Strike one!

IJLSA Squidward: What? It didn't leave a scratch on him!

IJLSA SpongeBob: You may be able to endure his magma, but what about this?! [Strikes Leader at full speed]

Leader: Strike two!

IJLSA SpongeBob: Nothing?

IJLSA Patrick: [Uses arms as a slingshot to throw a boat at Leader]

Leader: [Dodges the boat] Strike three, and your out! [Blasts everyone with the Dimension machine]

Setting: Random Dimension

IJLSA Sandy: Huh? Where are we?

TRS Larry the Lobster: I don't know.

TRS Barnacle Boy: We need to get back to our own dimension!

TRS Mrs. Puff: I knew that we shouldn't have tagged along with them!

TRS Sandy: We can use this as an advantage! This gives us plenty of time to practice! Look at us back there, we didn't even put a scratch on them!

[The characters go through a training montage]

TRS Sandy: Now, let's see how much we've improved! SpongeBob run across this entire dimension as fast as you can! Ready, set, go! Well? Why are you just standing there? Run across the entire dimension!

IJLSA SpongeBob: I already have five times.

TRS Sandy: See? You've improved. Squidward, blast that target! Concentrate on it! Don't get distracted!

IJLSA Squidward: Krakatoa! [Blasts target with magma]

TRS Sandy: [Looks at the completely destroyed target] See? You've improved!

IJLSA Squidward: [Laughs] I guess your right. This still doesn't help the fact that we're trapped in another dimension, and have no way to get back! It's not like we could just build another dimension traveling machine! It would take fore-

TRS Sandy: [Clears throat]

IJLSA Squidward: Huh? [Realizes that Sandy built another dimension machine] How did you do that?

TRS Sandy: Never doubt a scientist! [Blasts everyone back to the TRS dimension]

Setting: Streets of Bikini Bottom [TRS Dimension]

TRS Pearl: [Notices giant statues of Leader everywhere, and that all the citizens of Bikini Bottom have been enslaved] What happened to this place?

IJLSA Sandy: We traveled through space and time, for all we know we could have been gone for over an entire Earth year.

IJLSA SpongeBob: We've lost. [Falls to his knees] It's all over. U.L.T.R.A.E.V.I.L. won.

TRS Karen: They may have taken over for now, but we can still put a stop to this!

IJLSA SpongeBob: It's no use. If we fight them, chances are the battle will end just like the first one.

TRS Mr. Krabs: Look at ourselves! One small set back and we've already given up! We didn't come this far to just give up! What about the rest of Bikini Bottom? We can't leave them like this!

IJLSA SpongeBob: You're right! [Stands back up] Let's do this!

Setting: Chum Bucket [TRS Dimension]

Leader: Something's not right.

IJLSA Plankton: What is it master?

Leader: I feel a disturbance. Turn on the security grid.

IJLSA Plankton: Yes, sir. [Turns on security grid]

Leader: [Observes the footage on a giant monitor] No. It's... it's impossible! The IJLSA have returned!

IJLSA Plankton: [Gasps] It can't be.

Leader: It was only a matter of time before they found their way back.

Setting: Streets of Bikini Bottom [TRS Dimension]

IJLSA SpongeBob: Here's the plan, we'll go in the front entrance, then comes the most important part... we wing it!

TRS Patrick: [Laughs] Wait, you're serious?

IJLSA SpongeBob: Yes, I'm serious. Do you remember what Mermaid Man told us? He thought that we were failures. Look how far we've come since then. We were rookies then, but now the fait of the world is in our hands. It's up to us. [Sticks out his hand] Hands in.

[Everyone put's their hand's in]

IJLSA SpongeBob: Let's do this!

Setting: Chum Bucket [TRS Dimension]

Leader: We won before, and we're going to do it again!

[Everyone busts down the front door]

TRS Karen: You're going down- [Realizes how greatly they are out-numbered]

[Dramatic music plays in the background]

Leader: Face it! Your out-

[Dramatic music get's louder]

Leader: What did I tell you about playing that blasted music when I'm giving an evil speech?

IJLSA Plankton: Sorry. [Turns off stereo]

Leader: Where was I? Oh, right. Face it! You're out-numbered!

TRS Larry the Lobster: We may be out-numbered, but your shoes untied!

Leader: What? [Looks at his untied shoe] This was supposed to be my big moment! [Bends over to tie his shoe]

IJLSA SpongeBob: What happened to you, Leader? Now your twice as ugly.

Leader: I lot can happen in five years.

TRS Barnacle Boy: So, that's how long we were gone!

Leader: Indeed.

IJLSA SpongeBob: Now!

IJLSA Squidward: Krakatoa! [Blasts Leader with magma]

Leader: Ah! What? That actually hurt!

IJLSA SpongeBob: [Charges at leader at full speed]

Leader: Ah! [Mask breaks] No!

[The smoke rising from the ground is covering Leader's face]

IJLSA Patrick: Step out of the shadows, and show us who you really are!

Leader: If you insist. [Drops his cloak]

IJLSA SpongeBob: No. It can't be. How could you... Gary!

Leader: Actually it was quite easy. You see I used this voice changer, so I could appear to be speaking-

TRS SpongeBob: I don't think that's what he means.

Leader: Never the less, I'm still going to win this battle if it's the last thing I do!

TRS SpongeBob: That's not going to happen!

IJLSA Patrick: [Swings his elastic arms everywhere, crushing the U.L.T.R.A.E.V.I.L. robots]

TRS Sandy: [Karate chops the rest of the robots in half]

TRS Larry the Lobster: [Punches the Atomic Flounder]

IJLSA SpongeBob: [Flashes across the room at full speed, knocking the rest of the thugs unconcious]

Leader: This isn't over yet! [Heads towards the dimension machine]

IJLSA SpongeBob: Oh, no you don't! [Grabs the dimension machine and points it at Leader]

Leader: Go ahead, finish me off. I deserve this at least.

[A series of flashbacks are shown of SpongeBob's greatest moments with Gary while sad music is playing]

IJLSA SpongeBob: You may be evil, but your still my Gary. I can't strand you in the middle of another dimension all alone. [Throws the dimension machine aside]

Leader: [Laughs evilly]

TRS SpongeBob: But I can! [Blasts Leader with dimension machine] He may have been your Gary, but he was going to do the same to you, without second thoughts.

IJLSA SpongeBob: I guess that's it. If you wouldn't mind sending us back to our dimension now.

TRS SpongeBob: Sure thing. [Sends the IJLSA back to their dimension, with the dimension machine]

TRS Sandy: [Walks up to SpongeBob] It was for his own good.

TRS Patrick: What are we going to do now? They practically destroyed Bikini Bottom! We would need a time machine to fix all of this! Where are we going to get-

TRS Sandy: What did I tell you about doubting a scientist?

TRS Patrick: Huh? [Realizes that Sandy has built a time machine]

TRS Sandy: How about we go back five years?

TRS Squilliam: For once, I agree with you.

TRS Sandy: [Sends everyone back in time five years]

Setting: SpongeBob's Backyard [TRS Dimension]

TRS SpongeBob: Well, there's only one thing left to do. [Clears throat] Thank you for joining me here today for yet another elimination ceremony! Considering the fact that neither team won today's competition, anyone can be eliminated! The votes are in! The next contestant to be eliminated from SpongeBob SquarePants: The Reality Show is... Mr. Krabs!

TRS Mr. Krabs: What? After all I've been through today!

TRS SpongeBob: Fred?

TRS Fred: Yes, sir! [Carries Mr. Krabs away]

TRS Mr. Krabs: No!

Setting: SpongeBob's Living Room [TRS Dimension]

TRS SpongeBob: You'll never turn evil like that other snail will you, Gary?

TRS Gary: Meow.

TRS SpongeBob: I really hope that's a, no.

Setting: IJLSA Secret Base

[IJLSA enter the dimension]

IJLSA SpongeBob: Finally, everything's back to normal.

IJLSA Patrick: Almost everything.

IJLSA Squidward: Yeah, we're still five years into the future.

IJLSA Sandy: Leave that to me. [Constructs a time machine and sends IJLSA back in time five years]

[Monitor turns on]

Chief: Our sources tell us that the Dirty Bubble is causing mischief at the Bikini Bottom Bank! It's up to you to put a stop to his mayhem!

IJLSA SpongeBob: We're on it Chief! [Salutes the Chief]

French Narrator: Epilogue

Setting: Downtown Bikini Bottom Alley [IJLSA Dimension]

Leader: You may have won today IJLSA, but there's always a tomorrow! [Laughs evilly]

The End


  • Leader of U.L.T.R.A.E.V.I.L. is revealed.
  • Mr. Krabs is eliminated.
  • This is the first crossover for both series.
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