The Mo and Jo Show 
Genre: Adult comedy 
Creator: Joe Rubrich 
Writer: Richard Pursel, Eddie Trigueros, Bob Camp 
Director: Eddie Trigueros, John Kricfalusi, Aaron Springer 
Voices: Frank Oz, Jack McBrayer, Greg Breg, John Kricfalusi, Brian Meehl 
Number of seasons: 1 (2 ordered) 
Number of episodes: 26 (78 ordered) 
Executive producer: Aaron Springer 
Producer: Joe Rubrich 
Asst. producer: Bob Camp 
Original Channel: Channel Cartoon 
First aired: May 23, 2007

The Mo and Jo Show is a adult cartoon aired on Channel Cartoon at night. The show was created by Joe Rubrich.


  • Mo (voiced by Frank Oz): A rather dumb character, taller than Jo. He makes bad decisions, he loves hookers. He doesn't have a job, would rather stay home and prank his neighbor.
  • Jo (voiced by Jack McBrayer): A smarter character than Mo, he is the president of the Maryville Battery Factory. He often slaps Mo for being a lazy person.
  • Mr. Fuzzypants (voiced by Brian Meehl): Jo's talking pet rabbit, he often tries to kill Mo, he is often seen smoking cigars. He is sometimes seen cuddling with Jo. He has a black belt in karate.


Season 1

  • Mo's Cartoon: Mo makes a cartoon, and sends it to a female hooker. Who mistakes it for a beer holder
  • Yard Sale: Mo sells their old pornography tapes to a daycare, who mistake if for a educational show.
  • TBA

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