The Misadventures of Gecko
The series logo from season three to seven
Genre Animated series
Slice of life
Created By Ralf Hat
Written By Ralf Hat
Directed By Ralf Hat
Voices Of Billy West
Tom Kenny
Richard Steven Horvitz
Ralf Hat
Joe Alaskey
Theme Music Composer James L. Venable
Opening Theme "The Misadventures of Gecko Theme"
Ending Theme "The Misadventures of Gecko Theme"
Country Of Origin United States
Original Language(s) English
№ Of Seasons 7
№ Of Episodes 102
First Aired June 6, 1994
Last Aired December 4, 1999
Running Time 22 minutes (usually two 11 minute segments connected into each episode)
45 minutes (specials)
Production Company(s) Modern Media Entertainment
Related Shows "Instruments & Instruments"
"The Sherry Show"
Network Kingson

The Misadventures of Gecko (shortened as Gecko) is an American animated slice-of-life comedy series, created by Ralf Hat and developed by him and Thatstuff. It follows the life and times of the titular character and his friends who live in a residential housing mansion in Manhattan. The friends embark on adventures throughout their area, encountering various friends and foes, and acknowledging themes including friendship, trustiness, and respect.

The series concept dates back to creator, Ralf Hat's childhood. Hat had an interest into computer graphic designing and animation at the California Arts Institute, which led him into pitching a bunch of short films featuring Gecko and other characters, who would soon be seen in the original television show on Kingson.  In 1991, during Hat's third year at CalArts, he conceived the show. Using animation cels to animate, Hat managed to get the voices of the main cast of Billy West (Gecko), Tom Kenny (M-Bunny), and Richard Steven Horvitz (Fred). During the series mid development, it was announced to air on Kingson. 

It is produced by Modern Media Entertainment and was deubt as the first animated series to be produced by it. Other prodcution comapnies include: Warner Bros. Television, and Warner Bros. Animation

The series officially premiered on Kingson on June 6, 1994, and aired seven seasons from 1994 to 1999, with 102 episodes. All episodes are either written and directed by Ralf Hat or Thatstuff, and are animated by Rough Draft Studios in South Korea.

The Misadventures of Gecko has received generally favorable reviews from television critics. Most critics would praise the writing, messages, and humor. With a rise of popularity in 1998, Gecko's Million Dollar Movie, a feature-length film, was released in theaters worldwide on April 14, 1998, and grossed over $140 million.



Gecko McKek is a twelve-year-old easygoing lizard, who enjoys endearing on the many adventures along with his two best friends, M-Bunny - a self-admiring rabbit, and Fred - a friendly prankster monkey. The trio live in a residential housing mansion in New York, ran by the heavily bossy millionaire, Daniel T. Maniel. Within the mansion are various other residents.



As a sitcom itself, The Misadventures of Gecko satires life in metropolitan areas (presumably New York, which is the main setting for the series).



Main characters

  • Gecko McKek (voiced by Billy West) A 12 year-old Madagascar day gecko and the primary character of the series. He is a very keen and mischievous individual with little sense of morality and a whole lot stubborn. Gecko is a rebellious, risk-taking, adventurer who has a taste for action. He lives with his friends in the mansion, where he usually stays at. Though his selfishness builds up a tad in his personality, Gecko is mostly shown as compassionate and utterly loving to his friends and those around him.
  • M-Bunny (voiced by Tom Kenny) An Eastern cottontail rabbit and Gecko and Fred's best friend. M-Bunny, like Gecko is very vain and stubborn, however, takes his selfishness to a new level.
  • Fred (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz) A squirrel monkey and Gecko and M-Bunny's best friend. Fred is the series tritagonist, and is portrayed as a rather childish character, holding both immature and sensitive personality.

Secondary characters

Minor characters

  • Chef Octi Origami (voiced by Sab Shimono)
  • Mr. Clamming (voiced by Ralf Hat)
  • Mrs. Dunn (voiced by Tara Strong)
  • Principal Samsun (voiced by Ralf Hat)



The series officially premiered on Kingson on June 6, 1994, with its first season containing six episodes. Season one ended with the episode Three Chairs/Rock N Role on July 16, 1994.

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Early inspirations


Pitching and broadcasting










Critical reception



Theatrical film

Main article: Gecko's Million Dollar Movie

By the end of the fourth season in 1997, Hat, Stuff, and a couple others discussed about a future on-hour series finale. This was at the time when Gecko's popularity began to slowly lower in viewers. Instead of a television film, Hat was promoted by Viacom (which owns Kingson) who gave him $850,000 to help produce a feature length film based on the series. The original plot was scrapped, and multiple other plots moved in and away. During an interview with MTV News, Hat was asked about future plans for the film, with him responding with: "Well, we're still working on it,'ll take a couple years to fully produce it. I mean, we don't even have a proper name for the film. Right now we just have (Untitled "The Misadventures of Gecko" Movie)". The crew were later surprised that they would actually complete the entire film in less than eleven months.

Distributed by Paramount Pictures, and produced by Deadpan Productions and Kingson Films, Gecko's Million Dollar Movie, was released in theaters worldwide on April 14, 1998.

Television film

Main article: Gecko (2004 film)

The film, Gecko was released as a televsion movie, which premired on Kingson on June 6, 2004. The film was a tenth anniversary dedication to the series, and stared the original cast in their character roles. 

Home media


Other media

Video games


Merchandise and toys


2005 reboot series


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