The Mighty Squad of Super-Heroes 
Genre: Action, Comedy 
Creator: Hunter Bartley (founder of Patty Csupo
Director: Derek Drymon 
Developer: Rough Draft Productions 
Starring: Mikey Kelley
Jeff Bennett
Tom Kenny
Nick Cannon
Grey DeLisle
Richard Steven Horvitz
Steve Tompkins 
Voices: Mikey Kelly as Mighty Man
Jeff Bennett as Kicker, Whiskerers, Additional Voices
Tom Kenny as Man-tal, Additional Voices
Nick Cannon as Rapper
Grey DeLisle as Scream Girl
Richard Steven Horvitz as The Emperor's Apprentice
Steve Tompkins as Emperor Darkforce 
Narrator: Mel Brooks (pilot)
No narrator was used on. 
Theme composer: Nolan Gerard Funk 
Opening theme: "Are They Mighty?" 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 84 
List of episodes: List of The Mighty Squad of Super-Heroes episodes 
Executive producer: Hunter Bartley 
Producer: Scott Fellows 
Asst. producer: Seth Green 
Runtime: 30 minutes 
Picture format: Rough Draft Productions 
Audio format: Scott Fellows 
First aired: June 2, 2008 
Last aired: TBA

The Mighty Squad of Super-Heroes is a Nicktoon airing on Nickelodeon.

Series plot

Long ago, a superhero utopia existed and superheroes lived there. But then, a evil villain named Emperor Darkforce used thunder to destroy the utopia, and since then, he has been controlling the utopia as his own base. Then, a squad arrived and they were called The Mighty Squad of Super-Heroes!