The Mighty B: Robot Menace is a fanmade Nicktoon video game released only on the DS and the Wii. It is based on the Mighty B TV series.


Strange robots have been going around tearing apart San Francisco, so Bessie, Penny, Portia, and Gwen decide to investigate (Portia and Gwen just go to get all the glory). Each level involves Bessie, Penny, Portia, and Gwen going to different levels to find out more on these robots so they can defeat the one in control and stop the robot menace! Later, as it turns out, it's Cherry!

Playable Characters

  • Bessie - Attack with her fists, blocks enemy attacks, and her special ability is turning into the Mighty Bee for a short time.
  • Penny - Attacks with a slingshot, can move heavy stuff, and her special ability is hitting targets with her yo-yo.
  • Portia - Attacks by kicking enemy's, rushing through them, and her special ability is climbing on pipes and walls.
  • Gwen - Attacks by throwing books, stunning enemy's, and her special ability is operating devices.

Levels and Bosses

  • Bessie's Dream - Bears in Capes
  • Bessie's Home - Robot Penny
  • Downtown San Francisco - Robot Chelsea
  • The Woods - Robot Ben
  • The Museum - Robot Happy
  • Portia's House - Robot Gwen
  • The Carnival - Robot Portia
  • Bessie's Home - Robot Bessie
  • The Hive - Cherry


  • Ben, Happy, and Chelsea as playable characters
  • Alcatraz as a level

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